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The Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive

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The difference between a liberal and a progressive is that whereas a liberal is fooled by liberal or ‘leftist’ billionaires’ ‘news’-media and candidates (emphasizing gay versus straight, man versus woman, black versus white, and everything BUT rich versus poor — since the Party is funded by billionaires), and is therefore a supporter of neoconservatism (U.S. imperialism, which all of America’s billionaires support), a progressive is NOT. A progressive isn’t fooled by either liberal or conservative billionaires (and their media), and is, insteadagainst ALL imperialism, and all other forms of aristocracy (commonly called “dictatorship” since virtually all dictatorships are BY the super-rich, since the most-natural form of government is rule by the richest), and is 100% committed to democracy (rule by the public, instead of by the wealth. A progressive demands rule by one-person-one-vote, instead of by one-dollar-one-vote).

Here is a three-minute actual political debate, which took place 11 October 2022, in America’s most progressive state, Vermont, between the liberal (in this case, Democratic Party) candidate Becca Balint, versus the progressive (in this case, Republican Party) candidate Liam Madden, so that you can see a very direct contrast between them. They are contesting to become Vermont’s next lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Whereas in this debate there was no significant difference between them on other policy-issues, the contrast between them on policy toward (America’s latest imperial acquisition) Ukraine was stark and irreconcilable, even though the liberal candidate (Balint) tried to hide this starkness by saying that she doesn’t know enough to be able to express a view on that topic at this time, which is a blatant lie — false, as she herself even intimated there by falsely alleging that the war in Ukraine had been caused by Russia (and NOT by Barack Obama having couped Ukraine in 2014). Here is that 3-minute video: