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Emissions Trading Systems: Trajectories for Development

Yaroslav Lissovolik Across the continent Eurasia, major constituencies such as the EU, China and Russia are forging ahead with their plans to develop an emissions trading system (ETS). The system works by putting a limit on overall emissions which is reduced each year. Within this limit, companies can …

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Effects of External Factors on the Greater Arab Free Trade  Zone from 1997-2005

Fatma Ahmed Althani Fatma Althani has presented her desertion with the focus on Arab Free Zone during the period of 1997-2005, which she defended at the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (University of Tripoli). Fatma provided Geostrategic Media with an abstract of her paper and we publish it upon her approval. Abstract  The …

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Russia Is Winning the Sanctions Game

Judy Twigg The current conversation about Russia sanctions centers around targeting and scope. Are we punishing the people whose behavior we most want to change? Is there pain, well inflicted, on those individuals responsible for creating chaos in Ukraine and Crimea, for reckless attacks on Sergei Skripal and …

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Remember Napoleon: Why sanctions will never work against Russia

Maria Dubovikova The effectiveness of sanctions against Russia is debated all over the West. Some acknowledge that they do not work, and say it is time to launch a dialogue instead. Others argue that the sanctions have not achieved any visible results so far because they are insufficient, …

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Gas and oil diplomacy in Eastern Mediterranean prelude to regional war

The Middle East has undergone major vicissitudes following the “Arab Spring” demonstrations. The Mideast is one of the most important regions in the world and the stability of which is mandatory to peace and stability in the world. Since 2011, the Middle East has entered a state of …

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The Middle East Is Expected To Become A Tourist Hotspot By 2030

The MENA region is anticipated to receive 195 million tourists within the next 13 years Despite many countries being marred by political conflict and violence, the Middle East and North Africa region is expected to become a popular tourist destination within the next 13 years. The region, often referred to …

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