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Privacy Policy


Geostrategic Media respects the privacy of visitors to our website. This privacy policy guide is provided to explain what information may be collected from this website’s visitors and how it is used.

Like majority of websites, this site uses Google Analytics to collect website traffic data. This information is analyzed and used to make site improvements, in order to provide our audience with better information, products, or services that you are looking for from us. Collected data may include info about the pages you visited, the duration of page visit, and visitor’s (your) IP address. Analytics also may collect demographic data such as age, gender, and interests for this site. Analytics also uses cookies to track unique visitors. Geostrategic Media website does not combine the data collected with any personally identifiable information (with exception of your email address, if you have subscribed to any of our services). Google’s use of this data is restricted by the Google Analytics’ terms of service and privacy policy. For more on how Google collects and uses this data, as well as how you can control the information sent to Google, please see here.

Personally identifiable information submitted by visitors to this site may include information such as name or email address (i.e., for newsletter, special reports or other subscriptions that we may provide). Most importantly, Geostrategic Media does not share this information with any third parties except as necessary to provide you with the information, products, or services you are looking for (i.e., mailing list provider).


Geostrategic Media is not affiliated to any advertising program at the moment. As things change in this domain we will update this section accordingly and will make sure to inform our subscribers about any such changes.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 21, 2017.