A Foreign Policy for the World as It Is

“America is back.” In the early days of his presidency, Joe Biden repeated those words as a starting point for his foreign policy. The phrase offered a bumper-sticker slogan to pivot away from Donald Trump’s chaotic leadership. It also suggested that the United States could reclaim its self-conception …

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Al-Makahleh: Non-state actors and militias, trigger to WWIII

Dr. Shehab Al-Makahleh As part of my two-day seminar at a European state on the future of the world if any global war erupts, I talked about the scourge of lawlessness and how militias and non-state actors can trigger WWIII. The world is currently facing an unprecedented wave …

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The Impact of Disinformation on Strategic Intelligence Policies

David Dambre Summary: The strategic warning report is intended to provide relevant and necessary intelligence to the senior policy-maker for the United States (U.S.) intelligence community (IC). The strategic warning report aims to identify the necessary posture and response to address the matter referenced in the strategic warning. …

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Map of Missile Strikes on Ukraine

Explosions and air strikes were reported Monday morning and afternoon all across Ukraine, including in the capital Kiev and multiple cities in the country’s west. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with members of the Security Council, said that Russia had targeted Ukrainian energy, military …

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Militaries around the world benefit from industrial localization: A global trend

Amy Sherif A trend is now globally solidifying, whereby many countries are set on a strategic approach to becoming more self-reliant in development, production and support of military assets. These capabilities were usually exclusively provided by advanced industrial capabilities such as the United States, Russia, France, United Kingdom …

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