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Please read carefully and follow the outlined rules if you wish your submission to be considered.


Geostrategic Media (also: GM) welcomes article submissions from new and experienced writers and analysts. If you seek publishing space and have an article suitable for publication at GM, please use the rules outlined below to submit your proposal to our Editorial Team. Please ensure that the following is included in your message:

  1. Your Name– Do not send your CV (resume) as it will not be read (unless you are responding to a Job Vacancy on our site). Do send your article/essay/analysis that you want published by us. In order to increase your chances of being published your article should contain something important, clearly written so that the message is communicated effectively to the audience.
    (Please Note: We do not publish articles by anonymous or pseudonymous writers or press releases. If you have a special request in this regard, for whatever reason, please indicate it clearly in your message. We may be able to make an exception here and there).
  1. Short Bio – Please include a short personal bio (written) in third person as you would like it to appear with the article (usually at the bottom). It can include the links to your social media accounts so your fans and our readers can connect and interact with you.
  2. Article Title – Your title should be so written as to capture readers’ attention and give them a good idea what the piece is about (and ideally incentivize them to read it). You have split seconds to catch readers’ attention. Their time is valuable. Give them a compelling reason to click the headline and read the article! Try to keep it within 60 characters or so.
  3. Submission Status – When submitting a piece, please indicate whether you are submitting the article exclusively to us or simultaneously. If the piece has already been published elsewhere previously, please also say so and provide the relevant details. It will help us decide.


Once you submit your article, you can expect to receive a reply (within 3-4 days) informing you whether your proposal will be considered for publishing. If the response is positive, we will request you to send the final draft in a Word document.

To submit your article send an email to geostratme[at]gmail.com with the word “Submission” in the subject line.


If you have a query not related to article submission, use the Contact form accessible via Contact tab on the page, with the words “Info Request” in the subject line. We will do our best to assist you as soon as possible. Depending on the number of queries or the subject of your query, the response may take time. If we find your query is irrelevant you may not receive any answer at all.


Thank you for visiting our site.

Editorial Team