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The defining year was 1991: The demise of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

Marcus Papadopoulos Whilst there are no golden ages, it is abundantly clear that the world today is in a very unhealthy state. From Eastern Europe to North Africa to the Middle East, countries, in recent years, have been severely destabilised, resulting in carnage and the destruction of hundreds …

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The Coming Years For The EU

By Leonid Savin After Brexit and the significant growth of Eurosceptic and populist influence in Europe, the future of the European Union seems to be no longer questioned. However, the future is always open, and therefore there is more than one possible scenario. The U.S. National Intelligence Council proposes …

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The Future of Incirlik Air Base

Despite the sweltering Turkish summer, American pilots shopped for handsewn leather jackets at Pop’s Leather. Sitting on the edge of the NATO airbase at Incirlik, Pops is just one of many businesses that have for decades depended upon American clientele. Today, they receive nary a visitor says Shafak Acikgoz …

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How the British deep state turned Manchester into al-Qaeda Town UK

Anti-Gaddafi Libyans living in Manchester had been trained, armed and aided by Britain to wage jihad against the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi. By Adam Garrie | The Duran – More and more information is emerging on how the savage terrorist atrocity recently committed in Manchester was a classic …

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How Kosovo Poisoned America’s Relationship with Russia

The Kosovo intervention set terrible precedents that have come back to haunt the West. By Ted Galen Carpenter Washington, DC perpetuated and deepened its Balkan blunder a few years after the Bosnia intervention when it intervened in Kosovo. Civil strife in Serbia’s restless, predominantly Albanian province, simmered and then …

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NATO is Trying to Draw Russia Into a New Balkan War

By Adam Garrie • It is NATO and not Russia opening up historical wounds in Europe’s most fraught region. Russia’s contemporary involvement in the Balkans is comparatively minimal. Russia does do business with Serbia, including with Serbia’s military, but the business does not involve anything that one could call …

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