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Russia and China avant-guard of the multipolar world

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The current crisis in Russia’s relations with the West has nothing to do with gas, oil, energy resources or the economy in general. Attempts to explain politics by “Prize” in the spirit of Daniel Yergin are a vain and shallow. We are dealing with civilizational and geopolitical processes, where economic and energy issues are secondary and are sued instrumentally.

From a civilizational point of view, it’s all about the ideology. And precisely about that of the Democrats in the Biden administration. Present Administration of US consists of alliance of ultra-globalists mixed with neocons and liberal hawks. They observe that the unipolar world, the global liberal ideology and the hegemony of the West are collapsing and are willing to do anything – even World War III – to somehow prevent it.

Globalists have many enemies – Islam, populism (including Trump), conservatism, political Islam, etc. But only two powers have the real potential to truly challenge hegemony — Russia and China. Russia is a military giant, China an economic one.

This is where geopolitics comes in. It is important for Biden to tear Russia away from Europe, which wants its own autonomous policy. Hence — the Ukrainian problem and the escalation in Donbass. Russia and Putin are demonized and accused of being ready to invade neighbour country. Although there is no real invasion, Washington behaves as if it has already taken place. Hence the sanctions and even probable preventive military action in Donbass. Since everyone in the West is convinced of Russia’s invasion, any military operation by the Ukrainians backed by NATO in Donbass will look like a “legitimate defense”. At the same time, it is assumed that a media campaign unleashed against Russia will prevent any adequate and symmetric response from Moscow. And if it does not prevent it, Moscow’s relations with Europe will be severed in any case.

The disputes over gas and Nord Stream-2 serve only as technical tools for a positional war.

The same is valid for China. Biden has created an anti-China alliance with the Anglo-Saxon countries (Australia, Britain) AUCUS and QUAD with the Asian countries – Japan, India. The stumbling block this time is Taiwan (like Ukraine in the case of Russia). And the final goal is to disrupt and prevent the economic expansion of China in the project One Way One Belt Initiative.

The alliance between Russia and China and the combination of Russian intentions to restore the “big space” with the Chinese project One Way One Belt in the integral project of Greater Eurasia, as announced by the Russian and Chinese leaders several years ago, means an irreversible end to Western hegemony. Putin and Xi Jianping’s recent meetings leave no doubt that Greater Eurasia is serious and the decision has been made. Hence the fierce attack of the ultra-liberal and globalist Soros on China.

All of this is classic geopolitics, repeating verbatim the Atlanticist projects from Mackinder to Brzezinski. The Sea Power (liberals, globalists) versus the land Power (Eurasia).

At the same time, Russia and China may welcome other contenders for the status of the pole –

  • Latin America (as underscored during the visit of Albert Fernandez, President of Argentina, to Moscow and as will surely be discussed during the expected visit of Brazilian President Bolsonaro),
  • the Islamic world (which is dreaming of getting rid of Western control – Iran, Turkey and Pakistan are in the forefront here),
  • Africa (where Russia and China have begun mopping up European puppet regimes),
  • And continental Europe itself (which is increasingly weary of Atlanticism and dreams of becoming a pole itself – these ideas are gaining popularity in France, Germany, Italy and Spain in spite of the Atlanticist liberal elites, who are still in charge).

Only India (because of conflicts with China and Pakistan) and Japan (still under the tight control of the U.S.), as well as a number of globalist puppets, are on the side of evident loosers. To stay there is now becoming an outright shame.

This affects ideology as well. All those opposed to American hegemony and Biden’s clumsy attempt to save the unipolar model (in the spirit of the “League of Democracies”) are also beginning to distance themselves from liberal dogma – especially in its current utterly repulsive and pathological form (with the legalization and even aggressive totalitarian imposition of LGBT+, gay marriage and other perversions, as well as the direct threat of handing over power to Artificial Intelligence, which is what the posthumanist projects being actively promoted by Big Tech are reduced to). If we add to this the failure of anti-Covid policies, questionable vaccination (crossed out by Omicron altogether), unjustified and ugly organized lockdowns, Orwellian covid passports and a total surveillance system, it is clear that the collapse of liberalism is closer than ever. The successes of the rebellious Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada, who forced the liberal globalist Trudeau into hiding, and the rise in popularity of anti-Macron candidates in France (all of whom, from Zemmour and Marine Le Pen to Melanchon, stand on anti-liberal and anti-NATO positions) are just some symptoms of the global process – the end of Atlantist hegemony.

Russia is now challenged by the agonizing Atlanticism symmetrically

  • from the standpoint of Eurasianist geopolitics, opposing globalism with multipolarity
  • and liberalism with alternative, traditional values of civilization; instead of LGBT, the traditional family (enshrined in the Constitution); instead of individualism – the nation and its historical identity, etc.

China generally supports this approach of Moscow. Beijing also opposes globalism and Western hegemony and defends its – this time Chinese – traditional values.

All of this can be clearly seen in the theses of Putin’s last meeting with Xi Jianping:

  • Moscow and Beijing intend to oppose any attempt on their sovereignty (read: fight hegemony and globalism to the bitter end);
  • Russia and China have taken into account Biden’s creation of anti-Chinese blocs and the activation of NATO in Eastern Europe and intend to oppose it (together!);
  • the leaders of the two countries indirectly accused the U.S. of biological terrorism (the threat is called “U.S. military-biological activities”); in fact, this means admitting that it was the West (the U.S. and Britain) that unleashed the covid-19 on the world;
  • Beijing supports Moscow in Eastern Europe, and Moscow Beijing in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and Putin has explicitly proclaimed “Taiwan is yours” (Xi Jianping muttered to himself, “In that case, Ukraine is yours”);
  • both countries curse the League of Democracies (unipolarity) and vow to preserve the polycentric model of the world order (this should be understood as a declaration of allegiance to the principles of Yalta Peace and the UN).

The Russo-Chinese – Eurasian! – bloc took place. All the other countries have to make a decision — with whom they stay:

  • with the collapsing aggressive and completely insane American hegemony,
  • or with that bloc of countries (including Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Mali, CAR, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and partly Turkey, Argentina and Brazil), which opposes it in the name of preserving state sovereignty and civilizational identity?

The future is certainly on the side of multipolarity, hence Eurasia. Liberals were let down by their own successes, which they were unable to consolidate and hold on to after the fall of the USSR. The last effort to build a world empire has failed. New World has begun.