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Who’s fighting whom & who’s cheating?

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Osama Trabolsi

If we could undoubtedly answer these two questions, it would be much easier to understand what is going on around us with concern to Russia & Ukraine. A very real threat arises from these recent events and this new threat should concern the world:

But first, and for journalistic integrity, I must confess that the answers to these two blunt questions demand further criticisms of our recent past which also brings new ones into mind. Having done my research, I can say confidently that I myself can no longer afford to give any benefit of the doubt to those who have encouraged this crisis, perhaps not by blatant words but by past failed policies and their commitment to those failures.

The Biden Administration and the European Union, despite being hailed as Liberty’s Defenders are basically the very ones who, intentionally and deliberately sought to push an already complex crisis to the edge of this abyss: World War.

Yet for Biden, he is the godfather and the first mastermind of this Pseudo-Democratic process embellished by confusing military operations and disinformation. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Biden Administration is the fifth column for the entire operation.

With this context, I choose to be completely partial to the Ukrainian and Russian people, who are fighting a war in which they have neither the ability to sustain economically nor the morale by which to fight in a confusing and largely silent, hidden war.

The current conflict is the beginning of what can already be called The Second Cold War. Two world wars share their zenith moments in almost the same part of the world. The first war began in Serbia, with the assassination of the Vice-Emperor of Austria, and the advent of the second was Hitler’s invasion of Poland. As soon as the second ended, the [First] Cold War began which caused America to enter the war theater in Vietnam that pushed Russia into a war in Afghanistan that ultimately orchestrated orange and separatist revolutions, pushing Israel into a proxy war against Egypt in 1967.

Today, we are facing a [Second] Cold War that does not mount to the next World War, except with the recent events and the haste for war; it implicated a new sense of political pivoting but now between the likes of Iran and China.

From the current moment, it is undoubtedly a rebuilding, or the settings of a new precedent of governing by what were once traditional systems of authorities.

Now what happened, and what is happening now?

The US committed “the mistake that is about to break its teeth”. The Biden Administration decided that this critically historic moment, a time of a struggling economy worldwide, after the pandemic and the epic failures of his own Russia Reset leadership won’t have consequences. During the weakest time for his country to engage in more wars, he provokes war with the polar lion in his den.

This is the unseen difference in leadership. Biden, knowing full-well that the Americans are unable to control through strength as prescribed by his predecessor, Donald J. Trump. Things have changed now for the Americans after their inner conflicts with Donald Trump.

Look no further than the West’s hero, President Zelinsky. After making promises to the Ukrainian regime for being loyal to the West, Biden decided to teach the Ukrainians their most epic life lesson in politics. It is nothing more than a dirty game.

Biden made promises that he could not fulfill. The first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Zelensky says that he spoke with 21 NATO heads of state to offer assistance or to accept Ukraine’s membership of the alliance as they once promised, but as of yet, there is no answer and everyone is afraid.

It’s as if they intend to remind us of Voltaire: “Oh God, protect me from my friends, as for my enemies, I can guarantee them”.

President Biden responded indirectly to Zelinski with the American people to promise as usual more false promises, stressing that “American soldiers will not interfere in the battles” and yet, at the same time, Breaking News reports interrupted with news that NATO forces arrive in Germany.

In a state of confusion and with Biden unsure why the Americans are there and what for, will he deceive the American people or will he deceive his NATO allies? He can’t do both.

The United States deceived Ukraine and drove it to the edge of war only to then let it fall into the hands of the Russians. Very simply, it betrayed an ally which will make the rest of its allies question their alliance, especially after the humiliating Afghanistan surrender.

All of the previous wars mentioned took place only after the policy of Balance of Power, approved by Europe since the Napoleonic wars and the Egyptian-Ottoman conflict during the era of Muhammad Ali.

When we compare the difference between Biden, a weak Democrat who himself was implicated in many leaks at the hands of the Russians to the previous John F. In The Kennedy era, we will find that the difference is not in timing or circumstances. They are “bleeding” in Vietnam, but it is the difference in the agenda.

There was an agenda change for the Democratic administration before 1970 and an obvious change after that year. Kennedy’s leadership in the Cuban missile crisis highlights Biden’s weakness. JFK then powerfully and decisively forced the Soviets to retreat and this is the so-called power policy. As for Biden’s agenda, it appeared opposite in his weak and trembling speech in which he over celebrated imposing sanctions, which he knows will buy time with his allies in Europe and even the Russians.

“Corruption” in alliances with terrorist organizations, their establishment and support, or the overthrow of regimes and investment in civil wars, as happened in Iraq, so the American regime became besieged by those alliances.

Rather, the American Empire did exactly the same as British Prime Minister Anthony Eden did when he broke the teeth of the British lion when he decided to lead his divided people into a war against Egypt in 1956, and the battle ended in a political defeat that brought down the British Empire.

This is precisely the role of Biden, Obama & Hillary in announcing a new world order. Today, An American Spring-ish Revolution is actually very possible and the fall of the empire is likely possible with one bad chess move.

The surprise chess move could very well be China pouncing on  Taiwan, ending the United States main trade artery in the South China Sea. The world is witnessing an economic depression similar to the year 1929, and the awaited conflict between races and religions begins now, after hatred has fed on the hearts of men unaware of their own media propaganda & disinformation. How Biden deals with the situation at hand is yet to be determined.