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Ukraine Crisis and Western Double Standards

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Sam Mak

In 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech to parliament that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. A year earlier, seven countries had joined NATO: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. In 2009, Albania and Croatia joined. In 2017, Montenegro joined. Finally, in 2020, North Macedonia joined. With this, the accession of all the countries of Eastern Europe was completed, and a clear trend was crystallized by the alliance to annex both Georgia and Ukraine, which is opposed by Russia as the vital area of ​​the Russian Federation, which practically inherited the Soviet Union.

Ukraine could have formed a neutral zone between Russia and the Eastern European wall, but the collapse of confidence and the policies pursued by the two sides made Ukraine a victim of the game of “tug-of-war”, which is reflected in the military performance and the Ukrainian official discourse. Realistically, the game of “tug-of-war” could have been avoided if it was possible to build a neutral zone between the two parties, which could have happened within the framework of security arrangements between Moscow and “NATO” in Ukraine.

The West and World Domination or World Leadership

Zbigniew Brzezinski, author of Choice: World Domination or World Leadership which was issued in 2004, is considered one of the few American figures with a strategic mindset, with a prominent role in drawing up strategic political and security affairs as a former national security advisor for former American president Jimmy Carter.

The West are applying this book by word in their policies with Russia nowadays. In his other book “The Grand Chessboard”, Brzezinski emphasized that the United States should not allow any other country to become the dominant power in Europe and Asia.

In 2011, Brzezinski authored the book “Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of the Great Power,” in which he said that US power abroad is important to world stability.

The summary of what (Brzezinski) concluded indicates that American national security is inseparable from global security, and that the security that the United States aspirations to be achieved can only be achieved if it is able to establish a global order cooperatively and through partnerships. To open channels of cooperation with emerging powers in the world, such as Turkey, and other powerful powers in eastern Europe.

The fall of communism and the Soviet Union ticked off the ideas of many American strategic thinkers who disagreed with Brzezinski’s approach from adopting a policy of cooperation and partnership to pursuing a policy of containment and hegemony. It was an integral part of the Soviet Union, and from the background of its unilateral world leadership, it pursued the same containment policy with China and many countries, including Iran.

What is happening between the US and Russia on the territory of Ukraine represents a cold war on hot theaters, as Russia adopts, in confronting its opponents, managing its ongoing military and diplomatic operations, step by step, dueling the policy of American arrogance and unilateralism through deliberate strategies through which it enhances its position in the international system as a major power. Russia cannot be marginalized, let alone its national security, especially in its vital surroundings.

Media’s Hypocrisy

In this context, there is a major question mark about the military support provided by “NATO” and its members to Ukraine, at a time when there was no strong military challenge to the Russian operations in Ukraine. In line with the official rhetoric of the United States and the Alliance regarding military support, the Western countries escalated their media, diplomatic and economic campaign against Russia through their politicians, presidents and ministers, who bombarded news sites and social media with their positions condemning Russia and its military operation, holding Moscow responsible for undertaking a military adventure that pushes the entire world towards the unknown.

These western states quickly confirmed their intention to double their security, diplomatic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, and pledged to provide eastern Europe with more troops and armies to ensure that the Ukrainians are protected.

The US President Joe Biden quickly accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, of having premeditated a war that would lead to heavy loss of life and human suffering, and vowed that Washington and its allies would respond to Moscow in a unified and decisive manner. The Americans forgot how many hundreds of thousands they killed in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and many countries worldwide.

With the acceleration of global events and attitudes regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which began in the early hours of the dawn on Thursday, February 24, with the sound of the first explosion that shook north of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, marking the start of Russian military operations, the world has an unprecedented record with condemnations, which was not the case when the British, French, Americans invaded other countries in the Middle East, causing heavy death toll of millions of civilians. We did not see any denouncement for the actions of these three colonial powers from the UNSC, the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Human Rights Council as we see nowadays in the case of Ukraine.

There is a proverb that says: (What to do if your judge is your enemy?). This applies to the British hypocrisy, French two-facedness and American duplicity, believing their pure blood and genes are more precious than others and that the Ukrainian blood is the purest compared to the refugees from Middle Eastern states as many western media anchors have announced recently.

Those Western attitudes towards the latest crisis in Ukraine have raised questions about the international community’s double standards in dealing with the suffering of the Arab and Islamic peoples in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others in light of the continued aggression, crimes and violations against them.

The Western camp dealt with the Ukrainian crisis very quickly, while the United States and its allies supported some former Soviet Union countries with military equipment and lethal weapons including biolabs to launch destructive and mortal wars against Russians.

The US representative in the Security Council said that any attack on civilians in Ukraine is a war crime, so what about the crimes of the Americans in Syria and Iraq?  On the level of humane treatment of war refugees, yet, dealing with refugees exposes discrimination based on religion, race, and color. Is this Western civilization??

The West standards are not subject to international law, because the law is tailored to serve their own economic and political interests. It seems, with all of this, that the Western media, with all its dominance, has not categorically succeeded in concealing the racist and hypocritical face of the West in its dealings with the latest crisis of Ukraine. Some Europeans and Westerners have even criticized the double blatant and scandalous standards adopted by the West in dealing with the Ukraine crisis and ignoring Arab issues, including Palestine cause.

Irish MP Richard Boyd, who appeared in a video circulating attacking the West because of double standards, especially after the Russian military operation on Ukraine, was among the voices that began to rise in the West, despite the blocking of European and Western governments, media that do not promote the Western version of the events Ukraine.

Boyd stressed that “the international community-imposed sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin within five days, while the sanctions were not imposed on the entity Israel, which has occupied Palestine for decades, under the pretext that they are ineffective.”

The unbearable hypocrisy of the so-called free West has exposed nothing but refraining from media coverage of the war crimes that are being committed daily against the poor people in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. At the level of the Palestinian question, dozens of international legitimacy resolutions were crushed and lost due to their non-implementation, and the absence of justice and fairness for the Palestinian people, who have been suffering under the brunt of the Zionist occupation for nearly seventy years.

We point out that the double standards applied by Western countries in the field of racism and discrimination between peoples had emerged dramatically recently through what Western media outlets have said about the need to open the European borders to the Ukrainians, given that they are of “white skin and colored eyes” and are not Syrians, Iraqis or Afghans who flee from The difficult situation towards Europe, which exposes the claims and false image of the Western world to protect and respect freedoms and human rights.

Who Is Leading the Disinformation Campaign?

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, fabricated and misleading materials and information have spread widely in a number of Western media. Many official websites and social media users circulated huge amounts of misinformation and videos allegedly taking place in Ukraine, then it turned out that they were taken from video games and from events that took place in other countries years ago.

Regarding the disinformation and propaganda campaigns that the public opinion is currently witnessing, such disinformation operations spread on social networking sites have become an integral part of confrontation and conflict, and it is mandatory to use the material to create the dominant image on these platforms, and thus create the psychological state of the pioneers. these platforms. These sites cannot be underestimated in creating awareness, targeting young people in particular. Thus, we cannot be surprised that the misleading videos are taken from video games, or from movie clips and science fiction series.

The Western American media is focusing on the demonization of Russia, especially Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as trying to “focus on the fact that this war is brutal against civilians. These matters illustrate the double standards of these platforms, which have functional roles for the American security establishment, which Putin is fully aware of, explaining that Russia has its own applications and search engines, because it refuses to submit to the American mechanism of action on the Internet.