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Global Trends & New Revolutions of Small Medium Business Economies in 2022

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When Godzilla dances on ant colonies: With no further proof required, across the world, nation-by-nation, the biggest tax-contributors and new jobs creators are really the small medium business sectors. Yet at the same time, despite lesser contributions to national taxes and low on new job creations the big business sectors of the nations, conveniently allowed to dance like Godzilla and stomping all over their own governments and small businesses as ant colonies. So what else is new?

When economic facts need explanation: No nation can solve its economic problems, by super-taxing big business or hyper-taxing its super rich, but it can always solve its problems by taxing all citizens equally and fairly. When one-page of tax laws become million pages of institutionalized mysteries, the system breaks down. Remember, once upon a time, all big businesses of today were just small businesses. Nevertheless, observe the rise of global revolutions of small business economies as digitization brings new clarities and arms entrepreneurialism towards balanced prosperities.

When old economic models die: When, businesses of sorts are the main drivers of any economy, anywhere, despite big business still considered far more important, but exclusively there is no business like small business.  Critical to note, big businesses all over the globe have similar types of big structural and organizational powers, driving personalities and styles of execution, heavy contributions and therefore domination and controls deployed over their own local governments and enjoyments of the supremacy of power with special privileges bestowed amongst their elite national and global fraternities are alike.

When small business economies awaken: Equally important to study, small businesses across the world are extremely diverse in structure, style and personalities; disconnected and scattered across the national landscapes with zero power over its own local governments. The isolation, fragmentation and diversity of styles ranging from micro-mini-small-medium all struggling to move upward in millions of verticals in micro-small and big regions make it impossible for small business to unite as a force of any kind. Some succeed and join the big business club. The rest stay in that puddle. Therefore uplifting such SME sectors are far more complex and demand the right mindsets compared to what it takes to service big business or create a mega merger of two giants.

When post-pandemic economies require brand new deployments: It is all about what economic schools do not teach; any economic development mandate, if it is about numbers it is about forensic, but if it is about job creation it is about entrepreneurialism and business mindedness.  If entrepreneurial mindsets is what the economy needs, stop searching inside academia or their armies of Machiavellian protégés scattered around the world managing governments and playing economic development charades.  Therefore, immediately conduct an agency wide audit to obtain head count of job creator mindsets and determine the cause of lingering damages. This is critical, as for any economic-development-team anywhere across the world absence of a job creator mindset is an accident.

When nothing matters: As nation-by-nation, economic damage openly visible where gatekeepers mandated for the tackling of economic development struggle hard to overcome, while their nicely pictured and referenced profiles on LinkedIn mostly showing their limits of critical experiences and lack of entrepreneurial capabilities speak volumes. What can they teach or how can they expand any small business enterprise if they never once created even a significant one?

When government agencies are in dark: Very often, a small business owner acquires far more knowledge on business, goods and services, type, trade, craft, production, pricing, organizational models and local-global trends sometimes many times more and over and above the entire teams of experts marching around within the local Trade Ministry itself. Deep study of timelines of any game changer innovations of any 100 entrepreneurs in any big or small region of the world will prove that. Furthermore, lack of optimization of such job creator mindsets already available in masses at the small medium business economies across nations is a tragic error on part of growth-mandated agencies. Observe why on such fronts, job seeker mindsets remain silent rather than open discussions and collaborate to enlarge the economic activity. Study how Expothon is expanding its footprints in several nations and study deeply on Google to create your own national mobilization of entrepreneurialism.

When entrepreneurialism is the power engine to build economies: job seeker mindsets must create balanced equilibrium with job creator mindsets across bureaucracies as the economic development world seriously mismatched with job seekers skills and only prolonging calamities. If such subject matters never discussed in the boardroom during the last two years of the pandemic crisis, obviously the conclave of job seekers is tightly guarding the remains of the agencies. Going forward, expressed in this Video some new revolutionary economic development ideas

When real skills are needed any airlines with only frequent fliers in their cockpits as pilots do not ever take off nor any medical colleges of surgery with meat carvers from slaughterhouses save any patients. No economic development team in the world should be without distinct participation in the job creator mindset. When obesity needs fixing it is paramount to find a life-size mirror. Today economies of the world on the small and medium business size fronts demand a calculator from a dollar store to tabulate numbers in the right matching columns. The big business based economies may be very good but certainly not bring progress when middle class creation and spreading local grassroots prosperity needed. Year 2022 demands brand new thinking, as digitization demands super-speed and not old analog thinking

Observe how global trends and brand new revolutions of small medium business economies are growing. Explore how African nations uplifting small medium business economies expand and equally discover your regional untapped hidden talents and resources mismanaged by mismatched mindsets. Discover your own mastery, discover your own deployments, the rest is easy.