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ISIL given last chance to leave central Syria as SAA troops close in

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The Islamic State (ISIL) has been given one last chance to leave central Syria before the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) closes the 5 km gap between the Al-Raqqa and Homs governorates.

With some of their forces already besieged in eastern Hama, the Islamic State cannot afford to have an estimated 600 fighters trapped behind enemy lines in the pocket located just north of Al-Sukhnah.

Typically, the Syrian Army leaves a small gap open for militants to withdraw from; however, ISIL has recently been obstinate when it comes to retreating due to their heavy losses across the country.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army increased the pressure on the terrorist group by liberating half of Al-Dahl Mountain, which is the location of the last Islamic State forces in that small gap.

In the coming hours, that small gap will likely close as the Syrian Army’s offer expires by dawn.

Also some points indicate that more attention will be shifted to IS remote “willayas” – areas in Yemen, Afganistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, central Asia, north-western China and Caucasus. Terrorists’ leaders may attempt to transport in some ways high-aimed and experienced fighters alongside weapons and exchequer to one of its “willayas” and try start the Iraqi scenario once again. As the 2013 proved any hard tensions inside mentioned countries may give IS remnants one more chance to renew their “state” in another area.

All things considered, even slowly disappearing as an effective state and military structure in Syria and Iraq, the “Islamic State” will probably remain in history and political/military studies as a great example of self-built war and economical machine that started in a prison cell, and eventually grew to challenge world’s mightiest powers.