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Western States Want to Destroy Syria – Chechen President Kadyrov

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Moscow, SANA – Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov stressed condemnation of the US aggression on the Syrian territories, describing it as a violation of the international laws.

In an interview with Russia Today TV, President Kadyrov warned against the schemes hatched by the Western states against Syria, saying that the Western countries “want to destroy Syria as they destroyed Libya and Iraq.”

On April 7th, the US committed a blatant aggression through targeting an airbase of the Syrian Arab Army, killing a number of people and injuring others including civilians and children.

Kadyrov also revealed that two Chechen battalions are currently serving as military police in Syria for two to three months.

In an interview with Russia Today (RT), Kadyrov said that the aim behind the involvement of those troops, which work on rotations, is to oversee the transition period in Aleppo as well as maintain contacts with the locals.

He noted that the Chechen soldiers have witnessed two tough decades which were as devastating as Syria’s crisis. “What they saw there is the same thing we had here. The same scenario, the same masters,” he said.

The Chechen president stressed that the battalions had undergone special training before being deployed.

Earlier this year Kadyrov said on his Instagram account that his country’s troops were proud to have the honor to “maintain peace and order in Aleppo”.

R.J/ Ghossoun – SANA and Middle East Monitor