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On the Forthcoming Elections in Germany: From Sex Mobs to the ‘Chancellor Act’

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The election marathon in Germany does not start until 2017, but many of those involved are already actively preparing for it. As the old German proverb goes, he who starts early is halfway there.

One of the first to start early is the tabloid newspaper Bild, the super giant of German media, which has already identified the main saboteur of the German election process in a series of articles. It goes without saying that this is Vladimir Putin and his web-based army. «Experts agree that President Vladmir Putin intends to destroy the faith of the German people in their country and its power, and especially in Chancellor Angela Merkel, to deliver people into the hands of left- and right-wing extremists», writes Bild.

Articles in the tabloid newspaper entitled «Putin’s hybrid war against our elections» and «A propaganda campaign using sex mobs» expose the kind of subversive activities that Russians are planning against Germany. Anyone who wants to know how the German media is shaping the minds of its population will find the contents of these two articles useful – Bild is read by nearly every German family after all.

So according to this popular newspaper, Putin’s offensive against Germany has three main areas of focus:

1. Manipulating the population with sex mobs

During the election campaign, apparently, Putin’s secret agents are going to flood German social networking sites with erotic images of Angela Merkel and her rival from the Left Party, Sahra Wagenknecht. The expectation is that a negligee-clad Angela Merkel, who is neither particularly young nor slender, will be unable to compete with Sahra Wagenknecht, who has the looks of a supermodel. And should these sex mobs be accompanied by satirical couplets, they would prove particularly damning. Those devious Russians have correctly figured out that Sahra Wagenknecht’s popularity is not just down to her mind, but also her irresistible feminine appeal. Obviously, after studying all the charms of both candidates, German men will prefer to have the beautiful Sahra as chancellor. Needless to say that in such a competition, she would secure a whitewash over her opponent.

It would be bad if she were successful: in power would be a former Komsomol member from the GDR who will continue to fight for her former beliefs. And what would happen to transatlantic values then?

It still remains to be seen how the unpredictable Trump will react to such a thing. He has always been attracted to good-looking women after all, and Angela Merkel has publicly called him a few ugly names. What if he is in favour of Sahra Wagenknecht coming to power? And why wouldn’t he be? Everything will be in full compliance with the constitution after all, but so unorthodox at the same time! Almost like his own rise to power. And this would be a spectacular victory for Putin.

But the tabloid newspaper knows how to deal with such a disaster. In order not to succumb to the charms of the ‘red fairy’, German men must resolutely avoid watching her speeches or studying her photographs, especially erotic ones. Then the disaster will be avoided.

2. Hacker attacks

According to Bild, these will be just as ugly as the sex mobs. Germany’s computer networks are vulnerable to Russia’s super professionals, who even managed to hack into the electronic databases of the US Democratic Party. Putin’s hackers are capable of penetrating the inner sanctum of German networks and exposing things that would horrify Germans.

Bild does not specify what it is that could compromise Angela Merkel, but it is conceivable that her telephone conversations with Barack Obama could prove to be just such a bombshell. Take just one conversation regarding the NSA listening to the personal phone calls of Frau Merkel and thousands of other Germans. Nothing is known about the contents of this conversation after all.

Bild understands that the emergence of such a recording would have a much bigger impact than photographs of Angela Merkel naked, so is urging Germans from the outset not to believe it, should something like that suddenly emerge.

Merkel’s inner circle is also concerned about publicity being given to the mysterious ‘Chancellor Act’, which has been the bane of German leaders’ lives since Germany was first established. The legend says that when the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in 1949, its first chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, signed a secret agreement with Washington whereby German policy would be completely subordinate to the will of America’s allies until 2099, and Germany’s gold reserves would be held in the US. Each newly-elected chancellor of the FRG has to go the White House and sign the document.

So an act exists that effectively ensures German slavery on America’s international plantations until the end of the 21st century. There are a lot of rumours about this ‘Chancellor Act’ and there have been whole articles and books devoted to it, but it has never been presented to the public in the original. If Russian hackers were able to get hold of this document and publish it, then Angela Merkel would have to admit that all of her policies were in the service of Washington rather than the national security interests of Germany.

3. Putin’s information octopuses

This is the third area of focus for tampering with the elections in Germany. Apparently, a few information octopuses could easily destroy the fragile public information system in the West.

These octopuses are cunning and merciless, and the most dangerous are the RT television network and the Sputnik news agency. They have adopted the sneaky technique of ‘mirror imaging’ information disseminated in the free world. Journalists from democratic countries need only report on atrocities committed by the Russian Army in Ukraine or ‘war crimes’ committed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime or Russian Aerospace Forces, and these octopuses will immediately provide information that says the opposite, misleading Germans and improving the ranking of Russian media in Germany. As a result, it is difficult to create an ideologically consistent picture of what is going on in Ukraine and Syria.

There is no doubt that these information octopuses will provide their own version of the election campaign in Germany, which will be very dangerous for German democracy.

Bild’s initial articles come to a simple and definitive conclusion: for democracy in Germany to win (read: for Merkel to remain in power), German voters need to be transformed into the famous three wise monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

And right now, that is exactly what the power of the German media is being used to do.

Dmitriy Sedov

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation


*Emphasis added by Geostrategic Media Editorial Team*

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