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Emissions Trading Systems: Trajectories for Development

Yaroslav Lissovolik Across the continent Eurasia, major constituencies such as the EU, China and Russia are forging ahead with their plans to develop an emissions trading system (ETS). The system works by putting a limit on overall emissions which is reduced each year. Within this limit, companies can …

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Emotional Resilience: The Role of Social Media.

Soldiers are increasingly connected to the virtual world and it is degrading Operational Capability.  Our soldiers’ social groupings and structure have been redefined; they are no longer isolated and forced to forge social links with those in their immediate surroundings.  Instead he or she can pick up their …

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Trump Doctrine of Sovereign Nations versus Wolfowitz Doctrine of US Hegemony

Deena Stryker   Who today knows the name of Paul Wolfowitz? He was neither a Congressman, Senator, nor governor, yet until this month, official US ‘defense’ policy has borne his name. A former President of the World Bank and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, following the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the neo-conservative he authored the …

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Awakening through suffering: Why Arab Unity is the only answer to modern crises

by Nedka Babliku • With the opening of the 59th Damascus International Fair this month after a five-year hiatus, one can assume with cautious optimism that Syria has won the war against terrorism and Imperialist aggression, if not yet militarily, certainly intellectually and spiritually. The Fair was a major …

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Muslim Youth Protect Jordan’s Churches on Easter in Solidarity

The solidarity initiative brought together people from around the country. Following the bomb attacks on two churches in Egypt last week, Muslim youth activists in Jordan vowed to protect Christian places of worship on Easter Sunday. Kazem Kharabsheh, an organizer of the solidarity initiative that saw people from …

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“Russia and Civilization”, a Continuum of Russian and Slavic Heritage

Book Review By Shehab Makahleh — Dr. Soheil Farah, member of the Russian Academy of Education, has honored me with a copy of his new book entitled “Russia and Civilization: Meaning and Destiny”. Dr. Farah divided his book into seven chapters talking about the geography, history, culture, people and ideology …

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