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Will the world become safer in the coming years?

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GMC Study Summary

Preliminary studies by major research centers and international studies indicate that the world today is not safe and in the near future risks will increase, which means that global stability is in danger.

In a preliminary survey by the Geostrategic Media Center (GMC), the world is less secure and peaceful today than ever before and the situation will worsen in the coming years. With the elimination of terrorism in countries such as Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, a new nucleus has begun to form and that version of terrorism has a face that is uglier than its predecessors. To date, the threats posed by terrorism still exist. What is awaiting the world?

According to studies, out of every hundred people, there is one person, either homeless or refugee. With the United States ranking down in the Peace and Security Index in recent years, terrorism is exacerbated by global crises, including financial ones. The return of terrorism intensified after 2008, when the world was gripped by a severe financial crisis. With global economists and economists predicting that the world will witness a wave of economic, financial and war crises in the years 2019-2023, this will be a very suitable incubator for extremists from all nations to rally and work for world peace.

World studies have reported that global peace levels have worsened since 2008 when the financial crisis hit the world. According to international research, peace levels have fallen to more than 90 countries in 2017. The Middle East and North Africa region has experienced tensions and conflicts that emerged a decade ago without any settlement of any of these conflicts. Security in the Middle East will not be achieved unless all the conflict files in the region are fully settled because they are fully interrelated.