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Iraq Signs Military Cooperation Agreement with Iran

America’s plan to divide and conquer Iraq continues to backfire spectacularly as Iraq’s Defence Minister arrives in Tehran to sign a memorandum for future military cooperation. By Adam Garrie / The Duran / Ever since Iraq restored a measure of self-government after the illegal 2003 invasion and occupation …

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4 good reasons Trump shouldn’t scrap the Iran nuclear deal or goad Iran to pull out

President Trump has certified for the second time that Iran is in compliance with the 2015 nuclear accord that limits its nuclear program. But the leaks and background briefings surrounding his statement, followed by new sanctions announced Tuesday, sent unmistakable signals: The decision was taken grudgingly, Trump is increasingly unhappy with Iranand the deal, and …

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With the Saudi-led camp faltering, the region’s geopolitics could be on the verge of a transformation

It may be pure coincidence that the recapture of Mosul by Iraqi forces was accomplished on the anniversary of the defeat of Israel’s July 2006 assault on Lebanon. But there is a clear link between these two achievements: they underline the regional ascendancy of Iran and its allies, …

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