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Who will live in the new capital? Is this related to New Jordan?

Eng. Saleem Al Batayneh Where are we heading? We no longer ask this question. What’s more important is on is what is going on. That is the real question. It is not guaranteed that we will get satisfactory answers to any of these queries, especially those vague questions. …

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How Putin and Xi Outsmarted Obama and the West at G20 Summit

On September 4-5, the G20 held its annual summit in Hangzhou, China, President Xi Jinping’s home. G20 summits tend to be meaningless, but this one appears to have been outright harmful. The signature event was when President Barack Obama’s Air Force One was not met with a staircase—and it …

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The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China. While Zbigniew Brzezinski’s article in The American Interest titled “Towards a Global Realignment” has largely been ignored by the media, it shows that …

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The Role of Mass Media in the Fight Against Terrorism

Last week’s conference in Moscow which was held under the slogan of “Journalists from Muslim countries against extremism” has provided an opportunity amongst media anchors how to combat and encounter terrorism and extremism which exploit media for the benefit of their operational efficiency, information gathering, recruitment, fund raising, …

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After Paris: French Voices on the Challenge of ISIS, Syria, Iraq, and Islamist Terrorism

On November 23, Gilles Kepel, Fabrice Balanche, and Olivier Decottignies addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Kepel is a professor at the Institute of Political Studies, Paris (Sciences Po), and coauthor of the forthcoming book “Terror in France: The Origin of the French Jihad,” to be …

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‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline

An unmanned military underwater vehicle rigged with explosives was spotted on the seabed in the vicinity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltics on Friday, Swedish media report. The device is expected to be disarmed on November 9. An abandoned expendable remotely-operated mine clearance underwater vehicle …

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