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Why The Albanians Need Tensions In The Province Of Kosovo & Metohija Now?

One sharp and interesting  analysis of situation in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija came last week from Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik. Mr. Korybko speaks on how the whirlwind of geopolitics, military interests and global giants of business, as well as the change of US …

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Astana Peace Talks: West Losing Its Influence in Middle East

On January 25, The Financial Times published an article on the role of Western countries at the Astana negotiations. Author Erika Solomon writes that Western diplomats could do absolutely nothing to influence the negotiations and “found themselves relegated with journalists to the plaid-carpeted Irish Pub of a hotel in Kazakhstan.” Astana …

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Trump-Putin Talks? Will Trump Lift Sanctions against Russia? Could Be “Costly” To Russia

Tweets on social media say Trump is about to lift the sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama regime.  Being a showman, Trump would want to make this announcement himself, not have it made for him by someone outside his administration.  Nevertheless, the social media tweets are a …

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