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The Arab Regime’s Alarming Vulnerability and Its Impending Collapse

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Eng. Saleem Al Batayneh

The Arab regime lacks immunity and is incapable of repelling harm from itself. Unfortunately, the Arabs are the weakest nations regionally among the nations in this time period, and the current Arab situation can be described as a clear and indicative picture of the disappearance of Arabism from the global stage. The Arab world now exists in a state of confusion, struggling to comprehend the rapid and profound changes within its geography.

There are numerous questions and predictions about the clandestine plans aimed at redrawing the demographic geography of the Arab region. These plans seek to replace the old Sykes-Picot map with a new order where Israel stands as the dominant power. The objective is to fragment the Arab countries into mini-states and warring sectarian entities, impoverished and extremist, under the influence of global Zionism and the West. Their goal is to dissolve the Arab system, eradicate Arab identity, and impose Israel as the preeminent regional power through a strategic reconfiguration of the political map, bolstered by economic and military might.

The Arab regime, practically moribund, is a lifeless corpse. We are witnessing a profound cultural, social, and political deterioration. The future appears perilous. The term “Arab World” no longer holds any real significance.

Arab leaders remain in a state of inertia, conspiring against each other and executing the West and Zionism’s agenda, hurtling toward an unfathomable abyss. How farcical this Arab regime has become! Twenty-two Arab countries, ineffective and inconsequential on the global stage, with regimes that lack independence and whose peoples live in a state of disconnection and despair, see no signs of future advancement.

The West has exploited this situation, using its influence to control the selection of Arab rulers, turning them into obedient puppets devoid of any true allegiance to their nations. Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of the Human Rights Organization, explicitly stated that the West supports Arab tyrants to safeguard its interests and Israel’s security.

The Arab region, particularly the neutral zone of the arc of crises from the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf to Iraq, Syria, and Palestine, ending with the Suez Canal, has become a hotbed of chaos, international conflict, and power struggles. The current collapse of national states in the region has further exacerbated this turmoil.

Regionally, the power of Turkey and Iran is on the rise. Their strong presence in Middle Eastern conflicts highlights the collapse of the national state and the transformation of the region into a landscape ripe for exploitation and expansion.

If the current trajectory continues, the Arab world’s fate may mirror that of the Native Americans, whose civilization was obliterated. The names of Arab cities may soon vanish from collective memory, replaced by new identities imposed by external forces. Israel’s substitution of Palestine’s name foreshadows a troubling future for cities like Riyadh, Damascus, Baghdad, and Amman.

This is not mere self-flagellation but a painful reality check. The potential disappearance of Arabs would likely have minimal impact on global industries and technological advancements, as the Arab world contributes little to cultural, industrial, or technological production.

We are living in a Zionist-dominated era with few intellectual or political defenses. For the Arab regime to survive, it must shed the traits of betrayal, inferiority, and subservience. Only then can it justify its continued existence and relevance in the modern world.

The choice is stark: embrace transformation or face oblivion. The Arab world stands at a critical juncture, and the path it chooses will determine its fate for generations to come.

Eng. Al Batayneh was a member of the Jordanian Parliament