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Belt & Road Initiative & National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism

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It is now time to study how BRI spreads its tentacles; how a magnanimous octopus of global trade emerges, and how dozens of connecting and emerging nations uplift, up-skill, and re-skill their national SME base and mobilize solid entrepreneurial economies, the power hidden entrepreneurial economies.

Where was China a few decades ago, where is it today, and how is it advancing to create a globally harmonious octopus of trade facilitation and bring some 100 nations closer to creating national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a common platform to transform emerging nations to up-skill exporters, re-skill manufacturers, and quadruple exportability to impact local grassroots prosperity directly.

Did Western economies slip or need to remember the rules of how American image supremacy was created on a similar entrepreneurialism and global trade foundation? Did something go wrong? There must be solutions and workable strategies if a broken system recognized. The silence will bury economies; the Four billion displaced, replaced, and misplaced now on the march will not accept economic development incompetence. So what is next?

The decade-old BRI is a mighty global infrastructure underway, designed to mobilize local resources and human talents, transform into trade, and create intercontinental pathways of mutual prosperity. Immediately connected beneficiaries are Asia, Africa, and Europe and global trade and harmony at large.

Is there a new thinking? The land and maritime upgraded optimization and historic Silk Road experiences make China a global leader in expanding trade and allow national mobilization of entrepreneurialism, an international test of new economic thinking, and value-creation-based productivity, hence removing fake crypto economies.

A new world of commerce is awakening very fast, and winners and losers will be found in their respective queues; during the last centuries, entrepreneurial forces were mighty in commerce, and economic intelligence was the academic note-taking force behind them. Today, bureaucratic and academic economic force is playing around with number-based economics in the lead, while the absence of a real-value-creation-based-entrepreneurial economy, which directly impacts and deliver productivity, performance, and profitability, as current fake economies, only deliver freshly printed currencies and restless citizenry.

Openly challenged and openly debated. The reward of this discussion is hidden as a change in new economic thinking: Economic development without entrepreneurialism is economic destruction.
There is only political power with economic power. There is no economic power without entrepreneurial power. There is no entrepreneurial power unless the mindset hypothesis is balanced. The mindset hypothesis creates a balance between the job seeker’s and job creator’s mindsets. This is the most significant HR failure.

Increasing the debt ceiling is not an economic success but a grand economic failure. Abandoning a citizenry that cannot stand up to global age competitiveness is a political failure. Inabilities to identify, categorize, and digitize high-potential SMEs is an economic development failure. Balance mindsets for superior productivity, performance, and profitability; otherwise, what is currently visible is often only like a big defeat.

Will the world be divided by those who skate on belts and roads and others watch, or will the common cause of grassroots prosperity bring great minds together to optimize the infrastructure and create a global boom of commerce?

What levels of entrepreneurial expertise and imagination are needed to upscale tens of thousands of SMEs dancing on vertical global digital platforms of trading and exportability and bringing foreign exchanges? What does it take to create a national mobilization of micro-trade, micro-manufacturing, and micro-exports and get foreign exchange plus attract FDI on a grand scale?

National Mobilization of SME Entrepreneurialism is a large-scale mobilization, a step-by-step methodology; mobilization of the qualified SME, if allowed to dance on global digital platforms, creates productivity, performance, and profitability, bringing the foreign exchange to improve national grassroots prosperity. Why is our philosophy gaining international attention? Why are we communicating our messages with some 100 countries because, in our technologically accessible world, sound economic development is now like an open book, and here, we are reading the pages aloud?

Any rise in the SME base is a direct rise of the national entrepreneurial economy. When mobilized, it multiplies the options to showcase the magic of entrepreneurial mysticism on the global stage.

Nevertheless, failing to articulate the ‘national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ is the most vital skill needed for any serious economic development activity— Study why lacking such basic and open knowledge will eventually destroy the national SME economic base—more on Google.

Start with a Cabinet-level debate; the rest is easy.