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Trends 2022: Our New World Now Demands New Thinking

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Naseem Javed

Like a firmly gripped tube of toothpaste, pandemic already squeezed out old economic development models in the drain. The new math now fogs the smoke and mirror economies already in bubble baths dancing on wet-floors. New configurations of efficiencies frighten the daylights out of the bureaucracies, and new logic awakens the populace where new courage keeps digging up deeper to liberate the forbidden narratives. No, this is not daydreaming of nightmarish fantasies; it is facing some early stage dystopian realities? Yes, the world is already anxious for some more new fireworks to claim to save an already damaged civilization or start a new meltdown of humanity. What do you think?

National leaderships of some 200 nations, seeking economic progress or collapse, must possess today highly skilled and experienced front line teams to manage such critical affairs. Successful airline requires trained pilots with actual flying hours but not frequent flyers tightly fitted in the flight cabin. The majority of nations have teams with little or no direct tactical experiences of sorts… so issuance of parachutes to every passenger to jump out is not the answer, to make a tent for living on sidewalks is already a reality in hundreds of developed cities. The world is hungry for true leadership and starving for real economic solutions. Whom do you suggest?

Declared, today, as the greatest economic successes, across so many western economies are the illusionary make feel-good crypto-tyrannies. Numbers never add-up anywhere. Is it because this is an AI age, where artificial ignorance counts more? The cocktails of calamities already stirred and shaken, white gloves served on silver platters in hidden haciendas to choose future power plays already decided ignoring the hisses of the global populace fighting for life in the economic arenas. Is this now the beginning of the end or a mysterious dawn?

None of the above; future can be molded better, hidden in the talents of the citizenry, there lies the entrepreneurial drives, strong enough to uplift local grassroots prosperity; although, abandoned as bottom became almost invisible from high masts, when sailing to hidden paradises, the economic development failed, now openly visible in most nation-by-nation, city-by-city. The silence inside the rotundas of power speaks volume. Muffling of public outcry will soon break the sound barriers. Where do you stand?

The courageous now focused on the root cause, ready to face truth but create real value to hold the order. Others only laugh and dance amused by fakery. Minds of stone tossed by scarred and battered wisdom attempts to save a new world unfolding for a new future, the billions of alpha dreamers connect silently.

Next, compress the last century in 100 seconds, observe how the last 25 seconds advanced and enlighten the mind enough to hear the alarm. Countdown has already started. The only asset of value left worthy of all chaos are the roughly-grinded-experienced-thoughts and scarred-wisdom morphing out and colliding with common-sense to save the planets from already old broken systems. Is humankind ready to accept self-inflicted wounds? Is our mind ready to surrender to learn something new?

Fighting obesity calls for a life size mirror, and a dietician, while today, fixing economies only demands a single calculator from dollar-store and an honest accountant. Integrity, transparency and will to change are all free assets.

When global damage is out of control it is only the mind, the only gift left to handle it. Neither a single nation powerful enough to solve all global problems nor nations of the world combined were ever enlightened enough to frame a single global purpose to serve humankind.  Seek and destroy mindsets won. In order to face the failure, accepting the very top as symbol of success and ignoring the middle and bottom falling apart at seams is not only tragically stupid but now calls for demolition.

Two years ago, pandemic recovery projected as shaped like WWW, almost like a Third World War for two main reasons, firstly with 200 national leaderships, each with its own agenda, where each nation further dissected into different fragmented agendas with visible lack of expertise on sciences and health protocols. Secondly, grassroots economics of the day, despite many options, was already visibly broken with a clear lack of expertise to tackle displayed chaos.

After two years, now in 2022, the pandemic is now a global live TV drama series, where yoyo economies meet masked and mumbling of ideas, repeat and delete scenarios, pump and dump rallies, thriving in between geriatric masked balls with smoke and screen and chaos. Needed are intelligent leadership debates without fear in search of truth.  Study more on Google, how Expothon advances such new narratives. Welcome 2022, the rest is easy.