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India’s Diplomacy and Strategic Policy: Between the Two Roofs

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Rantish Dwevedi

India’s strategic policy and diplomacy, which has been defensive till now, is gradually becoming aggressive with the tenure of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. While Pakistan is on one side of India and China on the other side, its position is between the two roofs. While another tries to hurt India, on the other hand, China has also been carrying out strategic, diplomatic, economic and political attacks on India’s interests. It is important to analyze what are the advantages of being defensive and being aggressive. When the attacks in Pulwama and Pathankot happened and the army soldiers were martyred, India took immediate action and destroyed the terrorist bases of Pakistan across the border. First in a commando operation and then in an air strike. Similarly, when China presented a challenge to the Indian Army in the Galvan Valley in Ladakh for the last one year, India responded very aggressively.

In the last 70 years, the tactical and diplomatic defenses in which the style of no first attack was adopted were retained but the attack style was adopted in the event of an attack. After the attacks in Pulwama, the terror bases were destroyed. India sent a message to the world that it was not among those who kept quiet. In the one year long stand-off with China, India was defeated from nowhere and gave a befitting reply to China. At the same time, it also gained the support from the world fraternity at the diplomatic level, that mistake was that of China and India only defended its borders. Along with being a strategic victory of India, it was a diplomatic victory. Later, when India destroyed the terrorist bases across the border, it was able to convince that Pakistan is a country of terrorists and that action was necessary to prevent harm to India.

The long stand-off with China lasted for about 11 to 12 rounds of talks, which included Foreign Minister Jaishankar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his Chinese counterpart. In September 2020, when the Chinese Foreign Minister met the Foreign Minister of India on the Shanghai Corporation Organization’s side line, there was a very long conversation between the two, in which the Chinese Foreign Minister said that there can be differences of views for China and India. But both are very big countries and neighbors together so both should go together. Both the countries are moving ahead very fast and in such a situation, when the situation is tense, then it is necessary that both countries keep stability in their relationship, maintain mutual trust. India-China relationship was at a crossroads and as long as both keep moving in the right direction, we will overcome these difficult situations,he further added.

Tensions in the situation between China and India began when violent clashes erupted in Galvan Valley and 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Later, China told its state media that 4 of its soldiers have also been killed. However, according to the Russian news agency Tass, 45 Chinese soldiers were killed. Now that both the armies, especially the Chinese army, have gone backwards the border lines by destroying all their permanent and temporary constructions, it can be seen as a strategic and diplomatic victory of India. During the Coona period, Foreign Minster Dr S Jaishankar was praised for bringing back all Indian  safe to home, but now that the vaccine has arrived, they are providing vaccines to the whole world under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In China case also Dr S Jaishankar won the diplomatic victory. It is important to note here that when Ms. Sushma Swaraj was the External Affairs Minister, our External Affairs Minister was her subordinate. He is a selected, senior and highly capable officer of the Indian Foreign Service and as Foreign Minister, he has put India’s side very strongly and has given India a diplomatic victory in international fora. A terrorist organization Jais-ul-Hind had threatened to kill all the sarpanches of Jammu and Kashmir and after that a jeep laden with explosives was found in front of the house of Mukesh Ambani, the biggest businessman of India, which also has Jais-ul- Hind’s hand in all these terrorist activities that thrive in Pakistan and is being controlled by the same terrorist organizations. Jaish-ul-Hind has issued a letter which was tweeted by the same ABP News correspondent with her Twitter handle to whom I met in Ayodhya and whose name is Aastha Kaushik.

This letter once again makes me think whether India and Indians are at the forefront of any possible threat because it is certain that cyber attack takes place everyday on our security system, security agencies, defense establishment  and government offices. At the same time, physical attack preparations are also going on from that side of the borders and the sleeper cells operating in the country help them from inside the country. Sleeper cells are those whose members have contact with their handlers sitting outside the country. They are mostly like us, are in our society, can be our friends and can also be our neighbors, they can be us. We also meet with them in the market, they meet us in shops, they meet us on crowded streets and intersections, but we do not recognize them. They come into action when their handlers order them that now the path is clear, the security system is a bit loose, now you do your work. The letter that Aastha Kaushik has posted from her Twitter handle testifies to this about me.

This letter written in English is titled “Terror at Abani’s House”.

The letter further says, “With grace of Allah the brother who placed the SUV in front of Ambani’s house has reached the safe house. It was a trailer and the big picture is yet to come. You must be thinking who are we? We are the same Akhlaq That you have slaughtered for a cow. We are the same people you killed in Delhi. We are the ones you raped in Gujarat. We are your most dangerous nightmare. We can be your neighbors, We are working in the office, we go out like you on the streets like a normal man, and you do not recognize us. We can be the beggar you passed while I was begging, we are all over the place. We hate business brokers and prostitutes who have been sold to the BJP and RSS. We challenge agencies if they have the strength to stop us. You cannot do anything to us. When we attacked you in Delhi under your nose Terror spread, you could not do anything to us. You compromised with the Israeli Intelligence Department but you still could not do anything to us. We will chew you again and make you lick the dust, because this is what Allah wish. Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani Bhaiya Bhabhi. Next time you do not listen to our demands, our SUV can crush your fat boy’s car. “

This letter proves the fact that I suspect that there are still hundreds of sleeper cells working in India and that at the behest of their handlers, they are capable of doing anything. Of late it is also tracked that terror plat at Ambans house is linked with bomb blast near Israeli Embassy. There is an arrest made in this connection proving my point about which I had expressed to Editor & Owner of a National Daily,Pahal Today in India where I report & write that there is something fishy in etire Ambani Terror Plot. Now I say that the current security agencies working in the workforce, equipment, weapons, computer systems, our paramilitary forces should be updated if needed. Their morale should be boosted, and they should be equipped. We have to be ready now to fight every battle whose challenge these letters are posing, because if we are safe till today, it is a testimony to our political will which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his organs of the government, their officials and the decision-making elements at the top have kept us safe, and we should thank them for this. But if we are safe till today, this should not be construed as such. That we should not increase our security, we should not chalk it up, it should not be updated. All these things are urgently needed. From cybersecurity to our satellite monitoring system, our physical security, our paramilitary force, our police force, our military, all the staff, officers and decision-making officers from the lower ranks to the top will have to be updated, Will have to take training and find every weak link which can be the source of any lapse. Only then, the security that has been ensured till date will be ensured further. Also the need is to break the network in which the sleeper cell is connected to the handler. And the members of the sleeper cell should be identified who are members of our society. Each part is seated exactly as described above. And at the same time, if the terror handlers need it be taught a lesson, then further action should be taken in the same manner as the earlier action was taken. Only then India and the people of India will be able to sleep peacefully and emerge as a strong country.

Also, what India has adopted from defensive to aggressive policy in its diplomacy and strategic policy, it is necessary to maintain it in the same order under the leadership of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Foreign Minister Dr. Jaishankar, Home Minister Amit Shah and above all, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It is and only then that there is no threat to India’s security system and India should answer every challenge as strongly as it is doing.