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Russian President Vladimir Putin and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un completed the first meeting at the summit in Vladivostok.

The meeting lasted almost two hours. And this is an hour more than the protocol service intended. Journalists could only watch the greeting of the leaders.

Following the results, several statements were also made. Putin noted that the solution to the conflict on the Korean Peninsula was discussed in detail, and also added that Kim Jong-un is an interesting and informative interlocutor. In turn, the head of the DPRK said that there was a “meaningful exchange of opinions one-on-one on issues of mutual interest on all pressing issues.” He thanked Putin “for a great time” and expressed the hope that “negotiations will continue along the same lines, in a useful and constructive manner.”

Summit and welcome reception

A reception in honor of the visit of Kim Jong-un assumed the participation of the press. Therefore, there were more informal moments.

As a souvenir, the guests were presented with medals with an engraving of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. Among the important and interesting statements of this part of the day are:

There is only a peaceful solution to the conflict on the Korean Peninsula, Putin said. Russia is ready to continue cooperation to reduce tensions on the peninsula and strengthen security in Northeast Asia as a whole.

Kim Jong-un expressed the hope that Russia will only flourish. In addition, in his toast, he wished Vladimir Putin good health, and to two countries, Russia and the DPRK, happiness and a beautiful future.
As a personal gift, Kim Jong-un presented Vladimir Putin with a sword. It “personifies the soul – mine and our people who support you,” said the politician. In turn, Putin gave UN a coin, as tradition demands. In addition, Kim Jong Un carries with him from Russia a real checker, as well as a set of glasses with cup holders. Such a gift was presented to him by the leader of Russia.

Saying goodbye, the leaders of the two countries shook hands with each other for a long time, smiled, and Kim, while leaving, waved his hand to Putin.

After the summit

Having guided the guest, Vladimir Putin gave a press conference where he placed the accents. He stressed that Russia is ready to convey information about the negotiations to the United States. He also added that the interests of Moscow and Washington on the issue of the Korean Peninsula coincide – the parties want peace, this is not discussed.

“The most important thing is to restore the force of international law, to return to a situation where international law, and not“ fist ”law determines the situation in the world,” the Russian leader emphasized.