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Turkey Hails Jordan’s Anti-Terrorism Efforts

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Amman, July 14 (Petra News Agency) – Turkish Ambassador to Amman Murat Karagoz on Thursday praised the Jordanian stance and solidarity with his country during the failed coup attempt last year in Turkey.

“Turkey and its people will never forget the Jordanian stance with Turkey and countries suffering from terrorism”, the envoy said in a press conference marking the first anniversary of the failed coup. He also noted the Jordanian anti-terrorism efforts as well as its endeavor to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East.

Jordan and Turkey are facing the same challenges related to terrorism, the Syrian crisis, the situation in Iraq and the closure of commercial routes because of the ongoing turmoil in these two countries, the ambassador said. The two countries, Karagoz added, are constantly discussing these challenges.

He also spoke about the investment, commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries. In this regard, he noted that the joint Jordanian-Turkish High Committee will convene in the near future to further the bilateral cooperation relations.