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King Abdullah Discusses Increasing Jordan Anti-Daesh Troops in US Visit

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King Abdullah II of Jordan discussed a greater Jordanian and indigenous ground presence in the fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria during a Tuesday visit with US lawmakers, two senators told Sputnik.

“He [King Abdullah II] did make comments to us about what they were thinking,” Senator James Risch said on Tuesday when asked if there was talk of Jordan playing a bigger role on the ground against Daesh.

James Risch stated the United States and Jordan “have common interests in attempting to defeat ISIS [Islamic State or Daesh],” but Jordan “did not” request a greater US ground presence.

Earlier on Tuesday, Abdullah held closed door meetings with members of the US Senate and House of Representatives foreign relations committees.

Jordan has played an active role in combatting Daesh, also known known as Daesh, and is part of the Saudi-led 34 nation coalition to combat regional extremist groups.

 Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker told Sputnik there was also a discussion “that indigenous forces in the region have got to play a much greater and more organized role” in the fight against Daesh.

“He [King Abdullah II of Jordan] was not pressing for US ground troops,” Bob Corker said.

The United States has yet to establish a reliable indigenous Arab ground component to execute the war on Daesh, though it has provided weapons to the so-called Syrian Arab Coalition.

Jordan has already committed its armed forces to the fight against Daesh, and is also part of the international efforts under the UN to peacefully resolve the crisis in Syria.

Jordan is currently leading the efforts to establish a list of moderate and terrorist groups in Syria, and exclude the latter from the political transition being coordinated by the International Syria Support Group.