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Russia Forms Alliances With Key Regional Players Amid Air Campaign in Syria

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In the short time since Russia started its military campaign in Syria, it has managed to form an alliance with the most important players in the region.

 After nearly a month of conducting daily airstrikes, Russia is beginning to reveal its political and strategic intent in Syria. Russia is playing a major role in the new round of talks in Vienna for a political solution in Syria.

“There is a growing sense among the diplomats and politicians of the Middle East and the West, that Russia has a better chance than most to combine its increased influence to end the Syrian conflict,” Pakistani newspaper the Daily Times reported.

The author of the publication wrote that for a long time Russia was not satisfied with the US’ dominance in the region but recently the situation began to change. “The Obama administration has shown itself in a weak position and Moscow began to determine the terms of the proposed solution. The Kremlin managed during this time to conclude an alliance with the most important players in the region.”

Israel, Iraq and Egypt are actively developing cooperation with Russia. These countries, perhaps, do not entirely approve of the actions of Russia in the region but they are very impressed with the way in which Vladimir Putin has managed to pinprick the Americans.

The situation in Syria has significantly improved Russia’s ties with Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia despite the fact that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are at odds with Russia, largely because Russia’s intervention now complicates their strategic objectives in the region.

However, Turkey needs Russia more than vice versa and Saudi Arabia, despite their dissatisfaction, hopes for cooperation with Russia. “In this regard, Russia has managed to neutralize the critics from the Middle East,” the author concluded.