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Brazilian Army expected to order additional 6×6 vehicles

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Victor Barreira, Lisbon

 IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Brazilian Army could soon award Iveco Veículos de Defesa a contract to deliver additional VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 amphibious armoured vehicles, a military source close to the programme told IHS Jane’s .

The service is currently considering buying about 1,700 serial production vehicles through a contract with the Logistics Command or another 60 vehicles for doctrinal experimentation through the Department of Science and Technology.

The manufacturer is to complete the production of 60 experimentation vehicles ordered in December 2014 by the end of May, leaving its plant at Sete Lagoas, State of Minas Gerais, without work unless a new production contract is signed.

A letter of intent was signed by the army and Iveco in December 2009 for the acquisition of 2,044 vehicles until 2031, and Brazil so far has ordered 188.

The vehicle was developed in co-operation with the army as part of the service’s Strategic Project Guarani (PEE Guarani) that also consists of the acquisition of 4×4 multipurpose armoured vehicles under the VBMT-LR programme and 8×8 reconnaissance and recovery variants under the VBR-MR programme. To arm the 8×8 reconnaissance variant, also to be developed by Iveco Veículos de Defesa, the army in March received proposals from Oto Melara teaming with ARES and Indústria de Material Bélico (IMBEL), Denel Land Systems teaming with Mectron, CMI Defence, and China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO).