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The Unspoken Truth is that America is Supporting Al Qaeda: Heavy Propaganda Rages in the Battle for Aleppo. The Terrorists are Portrayed as “Freedom Fighters”

Prof. Tim Anderson Heavy propaganda accompanies the strategic battle in Aleppo between the Syrian Army and its allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other militia) and the Saudi-Turkey-NATO backed terrorist groups (Jabhat al Nusra, Jaysh al Islam, Ahrar as Sham and ISIS). Fighting escalated in late April when the …

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The Balkans Suffer for the EU’s Refugee Mistakes

Stephen Blank The Balkans are burning. Europe’s refugee crisis has now entwined with the general crisis of governance afflicting the Balkans, and reached its apogee in Macedonia. Between April 13 and 14, Macedonian rioters burned the presidential office and destroyed the building housing the country’s Ministry of Justice …

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The Fascism-Industrial Complex: How Xenophobia & Nationalism Lead To War & Terror

The media and right-wing politicians were quick to latch on to last month’s Brussels bombing to support a narrative of nationalism and xenophobia that leads to more war and terrorism. By Catherine Shakdam The horrific terror attacks in Brussels on March 22 were a chilling reminder that radicalism, …

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