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First Attempt at ‘Islamic State’, and Roots of Euro Jihad – 1990s Bosnian Civil War

Following the visit of the Russian top diplomat Sergei Lavrov to Serbia, about a week ago, a number of political and military figures in the Balkans’ neighbourhood, and Europe/NATO have been vocal in accusing Russia for using Serbs (in Serbia and Bosnia) to fuel new instability in the ever volatile …

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The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election Russophobia

Mainstream TV news anchors including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes are reporting as fact—with fuming indignation—that Russia (and specifically Vladimir Putin) not only sought to influence the U.S. election (and—gosh!—promote “doubt” about the whole legitimacy of the U.S. electoral system) but to throw the vote to Donald Trump. The main …

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How will the GCC-US ties be in 2017? Will Oman remain a permanent member of the GCC after 2016?

The call for joining Jordan and Morocco to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) amidst rejection from Qatar is deemed by some analysts as a sign to replace Oman. If this happens, the GCC will consist of 7 members. However, the coming GCC summit in Bahrain with the attendance of …

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Election is over but the Clinton emails keep coming

NEW YORK — You thought just because Hillary Clinton lost that the email releases would stop? Wrong. Judicial Watch recently received 508 pages of documents, including emails, that the conservative group says shows possible conflicts of interest between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and her husband, former President Bill …

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The U.S./Turkey Plan For “Seizing, Holding, And Occupying” Syrian Territory In Raqqa

As the U.S. Presidential selection circus draws to a close, the United States and Turkey have announced a new plan to defeat ISIS, the same terrorist organization both countries have created, funded, armed, and facilitated, in Syria. The plan revolves around the conquering, occupation, and governing of sovereign …

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Montenegro: NATO’s Latest Plaything for Baiting Russia

You could hardly get a more sensational headline this week than this: «Montenegro says it foiled Russian-backed plan to kill PM Djukanovic». The dramatic «news» followed the announcement last Sunday by the country’s chief prosecutor that an attempted coup carried out – allegedly – by Russian nationalists had been foiled …

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