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AIIB and BRICS Bank Pose Threat to Bretton-Woods Dollar System – Engdahl  

The rapid rise of the AIIB was foreseeable: the world’s emerging economies got really frustrated when the US-dominated Bretton Woods institutions disregarded them as a “group of banana republics,” F. William Engdahl noted. Washington’s policy makers have been ignoring the needs of the world’s emerging economies for too long, treating …

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A War Waged From German Soil: US Ramstein Base Key in Drone Attacks

The US Air Force base in Ramstein is a central and indispensible element in Barack Obama’s controversial use of drones in the war against terror. New documents are creating pressure for both Washington and the German government. Knowledge is power. Ignorance often means impotence. But sometimes ignorance can …

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Interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abadi: ‘The Liberation of Tikrit Is Very Encouraging’  

By Susanne Koelbl in Baghdad In a SPIEGEL interview, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discusses his disappointment over delayed American support in Baghdad’s battle against the Islamic State and why it remains so difficult to prevail over the terrorist organization. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, 62, sits on …

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Kazakhstan President to Continue Current Policies, Institute Infrastructure Programmes in New Term

BY MICHELLE WITTE President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was announced the winner of the country’s presidential election early morning on April 27, expressed his “grand satisfaction” at the country’s record-breaking voter turnout and said it was important to him to get a fresh mandate from the people …

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Why an Iran Deal Won’t Lead to Nuclear Proliferation

When the P5+1 and Iran announced their framework agreement earlier this month, some analysts reiterated that a final deal would result in a proliferation cascade in the Middle East. This widely held and long-standing assumption remains largely unchallenged. But a careful look at the actual technical capability, political …

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