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The Greek Dilemma : The “Big Fix” for Greece and how not to waste a good crisis.

Valbona Zeneli Fortunately for all, the Greek government and the rest of the Eurozone reached an agreement extending the country’s bailout program for four months. This extension will allow all parties to apply clear and critical thinking towards resolving this challenge. However, four months is an incredibly brief …

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Chinese Media Blame Obama’s ‘Crippled’ Policy for Middle East Troubles

The troubles in the Middle East sometimes seem to multiply by the minute as the conflict-ridden region grapples with terrorism and violence that Xinhua blamed on Obama’s “crippled” Middle Eastern policy.  “The Islamic State (IS) is gaining an ever stronger foothold that straddles both Iraq and Syria, and …

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Russia’s Strike Back “Sanctions Regime” in Response to US-EU Sanctions. “Moscow’s Travel Blacklist”

By Stephen Lendman Russia issued travel bans against 89 European Union political and military officials in response to imposed 2014 EU sanctions. Affected nations received a list of barred individuals. In 2013, 18 Americans were denied entry in response to US sanctions and visa bans on 18 Russian …

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Turkey’s main opposition ‘competing against both President and PM’

“It’s unprecedented, I have two opponents in front of me – the president and the prime minister,” Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, told AFP, challenging Erdoğan to “take up again the leadership of the AKP and lead the campaign.” Battered and bruised by …

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Syrian Opposition Meeting in Astana Makes Tentative Headway in Finding Way Forward for Peace Process

BY MALIKA ORAZGALIYEVA in EURASIA & WORLD ASTANA – The majority of 30 Syrian opposition figures who met in Astana on May 25-27 issued a joint statement on May 28, in which they appealed for a continued search for political solutions to the lasting conflict in their country. …

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Opening Pandora’s Box: Nationalism May Trigger EU’s Swift Disintegration

The “temptation of nationalism” may trigger EU member states to seek independence from Brussels and eventually “repatriate power” to their capitals, dealing a lethal blow to the European Union’s system, Stratfor notes.  According a forecast by Stratfor, a private US intelligence company, a loss of economic prosperity within the EU accompanied …

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