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Jordan Navigates Border Trade, Pressures from Syria

By Dr. Shehab Al Makahleh Of all the bilateral ties between Arab states, the Jordanian-Syrian relationship has been among the most intense. Various gradations of reciprocal unfriendliness and even open animosity have characterized the two countries’ ties since the 1970s, reflecting the rise of the Ba’ath party and …

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The cost of Middle East wars, $11 trillion and rising

Military conflicts have caused huge death toll and enormous economic, military, environmental, social and political losses for Arabs since 1948. With more than 2 million death toll, Arab economies, mainly Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan and North Africa countries have lost up to $11 trillion since 1948. …

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Turkey: Lifting of state of emergency must pave road back to justice

Responding to the fact that Turkey’s the state of emergency will not be renewed when it expires at the end of the day, Fotis Filippou, Amnesty International’s Deputy Europe Director said: “Whilst the lifting of the two-year state of emergency is a step in the right direction, it …

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Syria’s encrypted messages to Jordan

Regional geopolitical requirements, along with internal political and security concerns, have been the main pillars of Jordanian policy vis-à-vis the Syrian crisis. The management of security concerns associated with the growing terrorism on its northern border had become the main objective of Jordan’s foreign policy. Thus, many Jordanians …

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Saudi Arabia’s talented artists can change perceptions worldwide

Maria Dubovikova  Saudi Arabia is working hard to change the world’s perception of the Kingdom. Such a task is hard, taking into account decades of being one of the most closed countries in the world. There was hardly any positive news on the Kingdom for years. Saudi Arabia …

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