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How Arabs can tackle food security

Arab states are particularly susceptible to food shortages and food-price shocks. Besides, recent prognoses reveal that Arab countries will be powerless to meet increasing demand with production. Thus, there is a necessity to cultivate strategies to ameliorate food security which depends on consolidation of safety nets, enhancement of …

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Beyond oil: Saudi-Russia cooperation enters new realm of possibilities

Maria Dubovikova The G-20 summit in Buenos Aires gathered leaders of world economies, collectively representing 85 percent of the global GDP and approximately 80 percent of world trade. The summit in itself was important not only in terms of the activities, discussions among its officials but by the …

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The coming decade determines the future of MENA states

The Middle East will be witnessing the greatest amount of change in the coming 10 years with its stocks trend a wide array from flimsy growth and development to long-lasting volatility and potential regional conflicts. The Arab state structure is under battering with fragmentation of some countries. However, …

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The relations between Malta and Libya and economic crimes inside Libya

Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori Since the beginning of hostilities against Gaddafi, operations – carried out mainly by the French intelligence services – started from Malta to send weapons, intelligence, instructors and trainers to the “rebel” forces in Cyrenaica who were fighting the Rais. The French military reached the …

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Millions of Arabs to fall under multidimensional poverty

Shehab Al Makahleh The Arab region is presently undergoing a period of rigorous challenges at all echelons resulting from armed conflicts, economic hardships, sectarian wars, and civil wars as well as corruption. All of this has resulted in a high humanitarian toll, unprecedented waves of refugees and displaced …

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What’s behind the proposed ‘peace railway’ connecting Israel to the Gulf?

By Abdel Bari Atwan The normalisation blowskeep coming. First,Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visits Muscat and is greeted most cordially. Then, Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev tours the Abu Dhabi mosque dedicated to the late Sheikh Zayed, who led the Arab oil embargo in solidarity with the heroes …

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