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First Attempt at ‘Islamic State’, and Roots of Euro Jihad – 1990s Bosnian Civil War

Following the visit of the Russian top diplomat Sergei Lavrov to Serbia, about a week ago, a number of political and military figures in the Balkans’ neighbourhood, and Europe/NATO have been vocal in accusing Russia for using Serbs (in Serbia and Bosnia) to fuel new instability in the ever volatile …

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America’s Willing Helper: Intelligence Scandal Puts Merkel in Tight Place

Germany’s latest spying scandal has created the biggest crisis yet for the country’s foreign intelligence agency. The German government appears to have been aware of widespread US spying, possibly including economic espionage, against European targets and yet it did nothing to stop it. By SPIEGEL Staff  July 14, …

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Is Merkel a CIA Asset?

By Finian Cunningham The claims that Merkel’s government knew about German state intelligence spying on behalf of the Americans against the country’s own industrial interests raise disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders. The apparent betrayal of German national interests by Chancellor Angela Merkel is not only evident over the …

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