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New Serbian Rocket Sends a Message: Bomb Us and We’ll Destroy Your Cities

Still angry after NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign, Serbia has unveiled a new guided rocket that sends a message to its neighbors: if you help NATO bomb us, we’ll bomb your cities. Serbia’s new Sumadija is a truck-mounted weapon that can hit targets 175 miles away. IHS Jane’s describes …

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Pope Francis Warns Against Other Countries Leaving The EU

The bloc’s 60th anniversary celebrations have been tempered by Britain’s impending departure. Pope Francis warned world leaders on Friday that the European Union “risks dying” without a clear vision for the future. The pontiff addressed European Union leaders at the Vatican ahead of the bloc’s 60th anniversary celebrations, scheduled to …

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Why The Albanians Need Tensions In The Province Of Kosovo & Metohija Now?

One sharp and interesting  analysis of situation in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija came last week from Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik. Mr. Korybko speaks on how the whirlwind of geopolitics, military interests and global giants of business, as well as the change of US …

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