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Putin: Syrian Crisis Can be Solved Only Through Support of Assad Gov’t

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the only way to solve the crisis in Syria is to support the legitimate government headed by President Bashar Assad. The only way to solve the crisis in Syria is to support the legitimate government headed by President Bashar Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. In …

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Who Will Have Technical Superiority: Chinese J-31 or US F-35

China’s new J-31 fighter has raised speculation about the American-made F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The website Defense One compared the two fighter jets to see which one has the advantage; America or China?  China’s J-31 fighter jet design has a striking resemblance to the single-jet F-35. But according to the …

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The Gulf: Not All That’s Gold Glitters – Analysis

By James Dorsey Gleaming glass skyscrapers, state-of-the-art technology, and wealthy merchant families have replaced the Gulf’s muddy towns and villages populated by traders and pearl fishers that once lacked electricity, running water or modern communications. The region’s modern day projection of a visionary cutting- edge, 21st century urban …

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Egypt’s Next Parliament: A Defining Role for the Business Community and the Salafi Islamists?

Parliamentary elections in Egypt are set for next October 18 and 19. The new Parliament will enjoy unprecedented powers under the current constitution. While these powers may represent a temptation for authorities to forge the results, a practice common during Mubarak years, the risk of any fool play …

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US-China Relations: the Pentagon versus High Tech

By Prof. James Petras Step by step, Washington is inexorably setting up a major provocation against China.  Until now, the Obama regime tightened a military encirclement of China, expanding its armed forces agreements with Japan, the Philippines and Australia.  In addition, it has promoted the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement …

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