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The historic meeting of China and Taiwan, seen through Russian eyes

Russian diplomacy supports a peaceful resolution of the “Taiwan Problem,” a process of open dialogue that respects both the territorial integrity of China and the interests of Taiwan’s citizens. The meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan, which took place on Nov. 7 in Singapore, undoubtedly became …

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Putin: US missile defense aimed at neutralizing Russia nukes, N. Korea & Iran just a cover

Vladimir Putin said the US is trying to “neutralize Russia’s nuclear potential” with its on-going deployment of a missile defense shield in Europe. The Russian president has promised a response. “References to Iran and North Korea nuclear threats are just a cover for the true purpose [of NATO …

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‘US-led coalition disjointed in fighting ISIS as some members have own plans’ – Iraq’s ex-PM

The US-led coalition has been “unbelievably” inefficient in fighting the terror group Islamic State, possibly because some members have their plans for the terrorists, Iraq’s former PM told RT. Nouri al-Maliki, who stepped down as the head of the Iraqi government last year and remains a vice-president, believes …

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Obama’s Policy May Provoke Another September 11th – Former CIA Analyst

The lax approach by the US toward terrorism may provoke serious consequences, just like the incompetence of US authorities in 2001 let Al-Qaeda off the leash, leading to the September 11th terrorist act, former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz believes. White House strategy in Syria and Iraq shouldn’t be called …

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Saudis, Allies Proclaim Victory in Yemen, Analyst Says It’s Not Over Yet

According to the leaders of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, military operations have entered their final stage in the civil war-torn Arabian nation of Yemen, but senior Moscow-based analyst Maxim Shepovalenko believes the Houthis have no intention of giving up now. Earlier last week at the International Institute of Strategic Studies’ …

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‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline

An unmanned military underwater vehicle rigged with explosives was spotted on the seabed in the vicinity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltics on Friday, Swedish media report. The device is expected to be disarmed on November 9. An abandoned expendable remotely-operated mine clearance underwater vehicle …

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