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Ukraine Ramps Up Nuclear Security Amid Imaginary Russian Threat

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council moved on Monday to ward off an imaginary Russian threat to the country’s nuclear facilities. Ukraine will ramp up the security of its “nuclear installations, nuclear materials, radioactive waste and other sources of ionizing radiation in the face of the changed security situation caused by the ‘Russian aggression,’” …

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US Military Takes New Security Precatutions at Recruiting Centers

US Northern Command Admiral Bill Gortney issued a directive ordering military recruitment centers across the United States to take more security precautions, following the deadly attacks in Chattanooga last week, local media reported. On Thursday, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, shot and killed four marines at the US Naval Reserve …

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US Seeks to Help Arab Partners to Expedite Missile Defense

Obama’s administration reportedly has sought to ease its Arab partners’ objections to the latest nuclear deal with Iran by expediting ballistic missile defense in the region US President Barack Obama’s administration has sought to ease its Arab partners’ objections to the latest nuclear deal with Iran by expediting ballistic missile defense in the …

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