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Farcical Syrian “Peace Talks”: Dead on Arrival

Talks are orchestrated to fail. Mainstream and much alternative media misreporting continues calling five years of US naked aggression against a nation threatening no one a “civil war.” There’s nothing “civil” about it. Syria was invaded, Washington using ISIS and other terrorist groups, enlisting fighters from scores of …

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Hilary Clinton’s Israel, Iran, Iraq & Libya Record Indicates She’s A Proven Warmonger

Prof. Muhammad Sahimi Ever since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, she has tried to present herself as a progressive whose “inevitable” election will be a historic moment for the United States, and perhaps even the world. After Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders entered the race and began …

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Countering Extremist Propaganda: A Strategy For India – Analysis

Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy The concept of using ‘counter-narratives’ to counter extremist propaganda is a strategy aimed to provide alternate narratives, to counter the narratives employed by extremist groups – the Islamic State (IS) especially – to attract, condition, and to recruit potentially vulnerable individuals, especially youth. Given the high …

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Saudi Arabia Stoking Sectarian Conflict as Battle To Succeed King Salman Intensifies

Zayd Alisa Saudi Arabia, one year after king Salman acceded to the throne and 9-months after appointing his favourite – young and inexperienced – son, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) Deputy Crown Prince (DCP), is grappling with not merely an increasingly relentless power struggle, compounded by an unprecedented devastating …

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US Wants Russia Transformed into a US Vassal State… Doomsday Clock is Three Minutes to Midnight

Stephen Lendman Washington tolerates no governments it doesn’t control, wanting pro-Western vassal states replacing sovereign independent ones – notably Russia and China, both countries targeted for regime change. Neocon/super-hawk former US Deputy Defense Secretary and World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz [pictured left] earlier explained Washington’s “first objective is …

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