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Khorasan Group Allegedly Weakened by US-led Coalition Never Existed

A source in Syria told Sputnik that the Khorasan group, an al-Qaeda branch, that was allegedly weakened in September during US-led airstrikes in Syria against ISIL militant group and their allies, had never existed. The Khorasan group, an al-Qaeda branch, that was allegedly weakened in September during US-led airstrikes in Syria …

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US On Horns of Dilemma: How to Defeat ISIL and Contain Iran

Together the United States and Iran could easily defeat Islamic State, but this victory would play into hands of Iran and its Middle Eastern allies and ruin Washington’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel, a US expert noted.  After United States military forces defeat Islamic State, Washington must …

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Obama’s Strategic Agility: US Wants to Have a Finger in Every Pie

Although US President Obama vowed that “a decade of war is now ending” in 2013, the US troops have got bogged down in three conflict zones, while Washington takes regular lethal actions in at least five countries, Michael Crowley noted.  President Obama’s “dream” of extricating the United States out of …

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The Topol-M ICBM Launcher Comes to Moscow

The missile launcher will go on display at an exhibition of weapons and military equipment at the VDNKh. The complex will be installed next to a mockup of the Buran space shuttle. The Topol-M missile has an operational range of 11,000 kilometers (6,800 miles), and speeds of up to 7,320 meters per second (Mach 22). The missile …

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