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White Helmets Sheer Cynicism

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Despite of numerous exposures of the White Helmets volunteers, whose acting has already led them to Hollywood red carpets, the organization continues to function, creating new, increasingly monstrous fakes, which are aimed at defamation of the Syrian government and escalation the conflict in the country.

However, this time, the point at issue is not a new fake, but monstrous cynicism of the so-called “rescuers” towards wounded children.

Recently, the organization has published a video, where members of the White Helmets’ volunteers were simulating emergency resuscitation to the already lifeless children. Although this video has attracted sympathy of users, nevertheless, there were also those people who decided to doubt the authenticity of the video.

Swedish doctors, specialists in various fields, including pediatrics, have conducted an examination of a White Helmets video. The results of the examination surprised even those people who are accustomed to the flow of endless fakes, skillfully created by the White Helmets. It has been found that the emergency resuscitation techniques were either carried out incorrectly, or it was nothing more than an imitation being used on already lifeless children.

Dr Leif Elinder, a known Swedish medical doctor profile, author and specialist in pediatrics, having carefully examined the video material, said that the measures had been inflicted upon those lifeless children, were bizarre, non-medical, non-lifesaving, and even counterproductive in terms of life-saving purposes.

Dr Lena Oske, a Swedish medical doctor and general practitioner, shares the same opinion. According to her, an adrenaline injection, performed in the White Helmet video, was unqualified and incorrect.

Undoubtedly, this video is a real prove of the White Helmets’ real attitude to the victims of the war. This time, they used the corpses of children to escalate the conflict. What will happen next and how far will “human rights activists” dare to go?

According to Professor Dr Marcello Ferrada de Noli, who is a founder and chairman of Swedish Professors and Doctors for Human Rights, such “human rights” organizations don’t make any efforts to resolve the conflict, but only try to escalate it. They must be brought to justice and convicted for their war crimes against humanity.

Source: Inside Syria