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Terrorism & Extremism

This Year, A Muslim Holy Day Is The Day After 9/11; Here’s Why That Matters

This September 11 will be the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that ripped a hole in the soul of the world. The cowards who perpetrated these acts also scarred the image of Islam, so much so that when millions of Muslims condemned these attacks from their mosques …

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US, Russia Cheer New Peace Deal on Syria

Marathon peace talks between the U.S. and Russia have reportedly produced a sweeping new agreement on Syria, including a nationwide ceasefire and coordinated strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al Qaeda-affiliated militants. The top Russian and American diplomats on Saturday cheered the details …

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Will Defeat of ISIL in Sirte Trigger New Civil War in Libya?

Since August 1, when President Barack Obama announced the start of an air war against the Islamic State (ISIL) in Libya, the United States has conducted a total of 57 air strikes, most involving close air support for Libyan militia forces, ostensibly loyal to the United Nations-imposed Government …

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There Is No Thirty Years’ War in the Middle East

Lorenzo Kamel The Thirty Years’ War started in 1618 as a conflict between various Protestant and Catholic states in the Holy Roman Empire. It brought devastation and major population loss to the heart of Europe. Many observers of today’s Middle East have found similarities with that distant past. …

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