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US On Horns of Dilemma: How to Defeat ISIL and Contain Iran

Together the United States and Iran could easily defeat Islamic State, but this victory would play into hands of Iran and its Middle Eastern allies and ruin Washington’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel, a US expert noted.  After United States military forces defeat Islamic State, Washington must …

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Obama’s Strategic Agility: US Wants to Have a Finger in Every Pie

Although US President Obama vowed that “a decade of war is now ending” in 2013, the US troops have got bogged down in three conflict zones, while Washington takes regular lethal actions in at least five countries, Michael Crowley noted.  President Obama’s “dream” of extricating the United States out of …

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Republican Candidates to Hound Hillary Over Clinton Foundation Allegations

Experts say that US Republican presidential candidates will stick with the story of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of foreign government donations to the Clinton Foundation as long as they can gain politically. US Republican presidential candidates will try to keep the story of former Secretary of State Hillary …

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First US-Ukraine Business Forum to Take Place in July – US Commerce Dep’t

The first US-Ukraine Business Forum will be held in Washington, DC in July to show US commitment to support Ukraine’s private sector, the US Department of Commerce announced in a statement.  Cabinet members from both the US and Ukrainian governments will participate alongside business leaders from the private sector, according to the …

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Russian S-400 for China: Challenge for Asian Geopolitics?

Russia is ready to sell China its state-of-the-art S-400 missile system. Japan is worried by the prospect, fearing it could undermine its security amid an ongoing territorial dispute surrounding the Senkaku Islands, known as the Diaoyu Islands in China. Russia’s business daily Vedomosti reported last November that Moscow …

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Why an Iran Deal Won’t Lead to Nuclear Proliferation

When the P5+1 and Iran announced their framework agreement earlier this month, some analysts reiterated that a final deal would result in a proliferation cascade in the Middle East. This widely held and long-standing assumption remains largely unchallenged. But a careful look at the actual technical capability, political …

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