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United States Must Answer for War Crimes in the Middle East

The West is feverishly seeking someone to blame for the catastrophic situation in the Middle East. Following on from John Kerry, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced his intention to request that the International Criminal Court investigate Russian «war crimes» in Syria. Hillary Clinton, a contender for …

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Exclusive: Russian TV Rossiya 24 Documentary ‘President’

Editorial Note Amidst latest mudslinging on Russia and especially its President Vladimir Putin, this documentary is something worth watching. Publicly, the West keeps promoting itself as a champion of democratic values of freedom of speech and thought, but the media depictions of its presumed foes often goes beyond decency. Think …

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Finally, Letting the Philippines Go

Exclusive: Official Washington is in a tizzy over Philippine President Duterte’s outreach to China and his estrangement from the U.S., but this realignment beats the alternative, a military showdown between the U.S. and China, writes Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall As the crisis in U.S.-Philippines relations escalates, conventional …

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