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Jordan: Political Miscalculations and Playing with Fire

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Eng. Saleem Al Batayneh

The recent political developments in Jordan have raised concerns about the state of consciousness and rationality among some individuals. French novelist Jean Cocteau once said, “The tragedy of our time is that foolishness thinks!” These words resonate strongly as we witness a series of actions that can only be described as playing with fire.
To understand the gravity of the situation, it is important to delve into the meaning of foolishness, which stands in stark contrast to intelligence. However, even the most comprehensive language dictionaries fail to encapsulate the true insignificance of such behavior.
In the past, discussions surrounding dignity were prevalent, but they hold no weight for the foolish and frivolous. They fail to comprehend the essence of dignity and willingly relinquish it at every turn. Their primary concern is personal gain, discarding dignity in exchange for their desires. They revel in their actions, regardless of the consequences, as long as it secures their spoils and desired outcomes.
The current scene is disheartening and defies both moral and logical sense. It represents a state of foolishness and irrationality that transcends all boundaries and conventions. The vocabulary, articles, and tweets that have caused immense pain from individuals seeking attention and fame demonstrate a lack of understanding and disregard for the consequences. They incite strife, dig up the past, create rivalries, and breed resentment. These actions undermine healing, coexistence, and national unity, resulting in an explosive situation.
Jordanians are left with numerous logical questions that arise gradually. Why now? What is the significance of the timing? Who benefits from dividing Jordanians into loyalists and opposition? Loyalists are those who are devoted to their homeland, while the opposition is portrayed as outcasts and adversaries. This division became evident when certain individuals were excluded from invitations during royal visits to the governorates.
Politics should be guided by experience, sophistication, and foresight. However, politics has become an open game, played out in various arenas—physical, digital, and media. This openness allows for the emergence of sinister forces and malicious actors. The discourse adopted by individuals, regardless of their position or role, reflects their psychological balance. It raises questions about the messages they wish to convey and the underlying motivations that drive them. These hired writers and their followers, who spew incitement, misinformation, and sedition, fail to approach issues with balanced perspectives or adhere to a consistent political vision.
The current scene is shameful, characterized by a world that seems estranged and illogical. Gaza is being subjected to brutal and bloody means of annihilation, while the international community remains silent. It is disheartening to witness the victim being blamed for their own suffering.
Why is Hamas receiving blame from many Arabs? What harm have they caused? Has resistance against occupation become a crime? Hamas and other factions have limited their battle to the occupied land of Palestine for 35 years, refraining from launching attacks outside Palestine. The issue at hand extends beyond Hamas and Palestinian organizations. Israel is committing premeditated genocide. Discussions about the right or wrong moves of Hamas become secondary. The people of Gaza are not all Hamas, and the resistance cannot be reduced to a single faction. Regardless of the number of answers, there is one logical conclusion—the resistance seeks to pressure Israel and the international community to find a solution to the Palestinian tragedy and lift the siege on Gaza’s people.
Miscalculations are always disastrous, and some bear far-reaching consequences. Irresponsible actions, akin to playing with fire, lead to the fragmentation and division of a nation. This occurs due to the absence of conscience, fueled by slander, borrowed faces, and fake personalities who shamelessly revel in the plight of the people of Gaza. It is as if they dance on the wounds of the Palestinian people.
Regardless of agreement or disagreement, anyone speaking on behalf of the state must exercise discipline to preserve what remains of the state’s credibility. Unfortunately, unbalanced speech has eroded this credibility, plunging it to new depths. It is imperative to recognize the implications of one’s words and actions, as they have a profound impact on the nation as a whole.

Eng. Al Batayneh was a member of the Jordanian Parliament.