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Techno-Geopolitics: Unearthing the Future Landscape through the Lens of Technolog

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Techno-Geopolitics encapsulates the intricate interplay between technology and geopolitics, reshaping the global dynamics and making a prudent influence on the power corridors of the global stage. As far as, technological advancement is defining the new horizons of social development, economic growth, security measures, and global relations even in the contexts, it has emerged as a pivotal factor in determining a state’s geopolitical standing. The theory defines how it devolves the multifaceted dimensions that how technology has bindings with the future of geopolitics with a specific focus on the trajectories of the United States and Russia. Technological innovation is a catalyst for geopolitical power as the rapid revolution in technology has changed the face of the industry, from quantum computing to biotechnology, cyber supremacy, and information warfare, all these led to the emergence of new strategic advantages, influencing international relations. In that case study of the United States and Russia, this has a significant discussion to deal with it.

When Russia marched on Kyiv in February 2022, few thought that Ukraine could survive while some intelligence in the USA estimated the facts that Kyiv would be fallen in two weeks instead. Outgunned and outmanned, Ukraine turned into one of the hardest battlefields for aggressive enemies like Russia. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky had estimated just two years earlier about the reputed Digital Transformation app like Diia, for open-source intelligence gathering mechanism in which citizens and security forces can upload videos and information in the center of command, there is zero possibility of Russian hacks in this security backups. Ukrainian became a Starlink satellite to counter the geostrategic advantages of Russia through only the advantaged technology. When Russia sent the Iranian-made drones, Ukraine easily intercepted the movements of the drones and put them off through an advanced missile system. While on the same way, the Ukrainian military knows how to use Western-applied weapons in the field. Ukraine’s success can be parted between the brave people of Ukraine that stand still against the tyranny of Russian forceful aggression and heinous violation of International Law.

While at the same level as the discussion, it is also valuable in the context of the United States of America. The high-tech level increased the levels of the military might and gave economic leverage to the countries. Shaping the new dynamics of the soft power dilemma, there is no area where high tech has not been reached by its valued enthusiasm, technology has enhanced economic productions, and cutting-edge technology research enhances global appeal. Similarly, Artificial intelligence also unleashed a new era of discovery and innovation and doubled the whole process of undergoing development indeed. Artificial Intelligence has superpowered scientists and engineers to develop more and more scientific innovations and enhancements of the era of new technological buildups, as for as the study is concerned, it is common understating that knowledge is power and those who know are the real powerful people instead. Inca Empire wielded defeat at the hands of Francisco Pizarro due to heavy differences in the knowledge factory.

USA has the clear-cut advantages of Artificial Intelligence over any of the world countries, as the mainstream writer Yuval Noah Hariri explained in his book that this is the age of information and the use of the information in a more intelligent way is the specter of the highest power advantage over any of the states, the war, and the battlefield would now be measured under the supremacy of knowledge and information, in the case of United States and Russia, it is vital to note that there is bright supremacy of United States of America in this case of the point. For example, the Ukrainians used high tech in the ongoing war against Russia exemplified the scan intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance efficient data from a variety of sources making them leverage against Russia in this context. John Boyd coined the term, “OODA Loop” which is meant to observe, orient, decide, and act, which is simultaneously linked with the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence.

In the previous age, technological advancement shaped geopolitics from bronze to steel, and now it has altogether different dynamics in comparison to the modern age. Like quantum computing and the age of superfast computers. All these superiorities are being enjoyed by the USA in the late 1940s, these are the supremacy of the United States of America against the Russians in the context of the new age of tech supremacy. Considering these facts, these are the vital important discussion in this context that the United States has the futuristic positioning of superiority in the context of technological advancement.

It was the bow and arrow that make the rules of Genghis Khan from the Far East to Europe, making an empire doubled to the size of the Alexader’s Empire and fourth times the size of the Roman Empire that was possible because of the tech superiority of that empire. Here in that context, the West is superior and especially of the United States of America the supporter of Ukraine in this war. The United States’ assistance of $20.3 billion. Similarly, the provisions of the equipment by the United States of America as a front liner defender of Eastern Europe stringer missiles, anti-aircraft systems, javelin anti-armor systems, electronic jamming equipment, and coastal vehicles, radars, mortars, grenade launchers, small arms and millions of rounds of ammunition and body armors and helmets are the main support systems of the western supports to Ukraine.

Similarly, space systems have underpinned the new horizons of the new age of war and defense mechanisms for the States in this century, as the United States senior military official stated that there is a new age for the new warfare approach in the modern-day world. Space Force Gen. John W. Jay Raymond,” We can no longer assume that our space superiority is a given …If deterrence fails, we must be ready to fight for space superiority.” Dr. James H. Anderson performing the duties of the deputy undersecretary of the defense for policymaking also confirmed that the strategic forces are changing now, there are comprehensive changes in security dynamics and special security has new avenues. Now there is the quest for the supremacy of space security, and the United States of America is also leading this area as well. China and Russia are developing sophisticated on-orbit capabilities and an array of counter-space weapons capable of targeting nearly every capacity of U.S. space assets. All this effectively shows the importance of technological advancement.

By making concluding remarks, there can be said that in ongoing situation wholly depends upon the new waves of technological supremacy in this age of modern-day geopolitics. The powers are making new ways of adjusting their interests by leading the dynamics of technology. There is the supremacy of the united states of America in this context that has to build the muscles to counter any aggression from any of the states against the interests of the USA especially, there have been seen the multiple evidence from the Russian and Ukrainian wars how the USA has to build a fence against the aggression of the Russian troops by technological superiority so the geopolitical interests of Russia vanished in this way.