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The Arab World: Media Breach by Mercenaries and Opportunists

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Eng. Saleem Al Batayneh

In an era when truth, integrity, impartiality, and objectivity are essential, the corrosive influence of tainted media has played a detrimental role in critical moments of our history. Libyan legal advisor Abdulsalam Shuqair aptly states that the annals of time will remember the devastating impact of compromised media during times when our nations needed sincerity and truthfulness.

In every profession, there exist, opportunists who exploit it for personal gain, irrespective of the values they undermine. However, it is undeniable that media mercenaries are among the most pernicious of their kind, particularly when it involves matters of people’s rights and freedoms. These mercenaries resort to the vilest tactics, including misinformation, disregard for conscience, manipulation of information, and concealment of truths.

Certainly, the craven breed of mercenaries operates within the realm of media. They perpetually engage in senseless chatter, appearing during crises only to align with the highest bidder. Their actions are driven by cheapness; they understand the cost, not the worth.

Those who ascend the ladder of media are often devoid of any genuine connection to the profession. They adopt various facades and styles, debasing language to the lowest levels, unfit to be written about. Nevertheless, discussing them is imperative for transparency and an accurate depiction of the scene.

Media’s intruders have divided roles and tasks to map out a narrative that amplifies and distorts events according to their agenda. They have usurped a platform they are ill-suited for, contaminating numerous concepts. Their dominance over a scene they are ill-equipped to command is evident, as they arrogate the right to speak on everything.

Within the media’s domain, mercenaries are indifferent to the content they produce, be it spoken or written. They need not be journalists by profession; they can also be politicians, deputies, or members of political parties. All of them lack ethics and dignity. They are malleable figures tossed by conflicting waves, never leading but always following. Their sole concern is maintaining a facade of sophistication while living in opulent homes and driving new cars. They resemble gang mercenaries, but their key distinction is the absence of guns.

Bound by no steadfast allegiance, they are incapable of standing with the righteous. Their allegiance is to money alone, trading their integrity for any demand, regardless of its nature. They applaud according to payment and sell themselves in a slavish adoration of the bondage they were raised upon, a breed that loses everything.

No one can hide behind their finger; they are exposed and easily discernible. It is not surprising to witness their proliferation in the coming days. The prevailing political turmoil across Arab nations has sadly led many media professionals astray from the path of responsible journalism. This has spawned mercenaries, causing many to abandon the rationality that produces political knowledge. Hence, Arab media must cleanse itself from beggars today to safeguard its integrity tomorrow.

Nations lacking awareness risk becoming herds of sheep driven by unconscionable media. Mercenary media foments discord within states and among their constituents. The corrupt media operatives carry messages of this nature. When we discuss media, we refer to writers in newspapers, broadcasters in channels, hosts of satellite and radio programs, and the policies adopted by news outlets and daily papers.

In these tumultuous times, the task before us is clear: we must not succumb to the influence of media mercenaries, for their actions perpetuate ignorance, division, and chaos. We must rally behind ethical journalism that seeks truth and justice, for it is only through an informed populace that we can hope to navigate these trying times and emerge stronger on the other side