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Saudi Brief: Middle East on a precipice of a new (greater) war

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In anti-Iran televised rant, hours prior to resignation, Lebanese PM Hariri promised Iran’s hand (the Hezbollah) will be cut. In this war two parties will lose. Saudi Arabia and Israel. Lebanon is not left alone this time as the regional axis of Iran, Iraq, and Syria has been formed, backed by Russia.

As a reminder, take Trump’s Saudi tour promise to allies, as well as his overall rhetoric, to provide weapons, while the fighting they will have to carry out on their own. Ongoing KSA purge timing seems unwise – hasty, ambitious and anxious to set the stage for Crown Prince’s full power takeover.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman masterminded no-winner war in Yemen hasn’t ended yet, while yesterday Riyadh was a target of a ballistic missile. Despite Saudi media claims that the missile was intercepted, CNN video footage appeared online showing that the airport was hit and closed for a while.

For the house of al-Saud, last night will likely be remembered in history as its own “Night of Terror”, a moment leading to Saudi made in-house “Arab Spring” (in Autumn) and total country’s makeover.

Bloody or bloodless?

In the Middle East the pattern usually follows the maxim “Who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”

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