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Syria/Iraq Brief: Joint Arab-China-led Reconstruction?

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Syria and Iraq post-ISIS: Reconstruction Business Opportunity for the Arab World Rebirth

Global estimates indicate that volume of reconstruction projects in Syria and Iraq will reach $2 trillion over next 10 years, representing an exceptional opportunity for Arab economic integration – according to Jordanian Minister of Industry. Yet, with the major Arab financial powerhouses (the GCC) at the loggerheads, including their respective negative roles in the Syrian conflict, how likely is this integration to happen?

Serious and honest broker to help resolve the GCC crisis is an urgent necessity, but Kuwaiti efforts do not seem very successful at this stage.

Our question is whether Saudi King Salman will ask Putin’s help in mediating this matter during his forthcoming visit to Moscow?

The GCC diplomatic standoff is going to be extremely costly for all parties involved, although Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain hope that Qatari economy will sooner or later crumble due to blockade, their own economies are increasingly suffering negative effects.

The volume of reconstruction business in Syria and Iraq, and developmental needs of other regional countries that have been affected by wars in Iraq and Syria are a one in a lifetime opportunity for Arab powerhouses to spearhead Arab world revival. Putting sectarian differences aside, and replacing opposing ideologies with pragmatism and common interests is one policy that could lead to regional rebirth with long-term positive results.

Could embracing Eurasian vision of cooperation and collaboration open a window of opportunity for the Arab world to reconcile and rebuild itself?