The new American administration means that the American policies will be for the first time since 1980s in line with those of Russia. Both super powers will be arranging and concerting efforts to stabilize the world and eradicate roots of radicalism and extremism that have led to new demarcation of borders in the Middle East.

Both will cooperate in the Iranian nuclear file without changing any provisions; yet, benefitting from the new economic horizons of the Iranian market for both sides as Iran will be a pie for those huge investments and international companies to have their business in this country which has been suffering from 40 years of sanctions.

However, the relationship between Iran and the USA on one hand and Iran and Russia on the other will also shape the international perspective regarding the GCC states. Trump is pro-business and the Russian president is pro-reconciliatory policies, aiming to bring about balance to the world order which has been controlled by the Americans for long time, causing a state of pandemonium and anarchy.

Both Russia and the USA will start talks on a number of issues including the Syrian cause, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and some other issues of concern to both countries.

Leaders across the world are watching to see which of Trump’s proclamations can be written off as electioneering harangue, and which seem destined to mark American policy making in one of the most highly capricious parts of the world.