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Russia and the USA Agree on the Future of Bashar Al Assad

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Russia and the USA have agreed on the next stage concerning Syria and and the future of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, securing his right to nominate himself for presidential elections. Both have agreed on the principles, which is a victory per se for Russia and its president Vladimir Putin who considered President Assad’s nomination as a legal right  and that only the Syrians have the right to name their coming president. No other country has a say in who is the coming Syrian president.

Both Russia and the USA have also agreed on means to settle the military conflict in the war-torn country, convincing the main regional and international players to sit on the negotiating table to solve the issue. On the other hand, the Russians asked the USA to recognise that the current Syrian government is legitimate, and that its army is the only eligible army that is capable to deal with terrorism issues.

The Russians also pushed hard the Americans and their allies to acknowledge that the way to win presidential elections is via ballots and the Syrians will decide on who is their next president. However, both countries agreed on a new prime minister to lead the government and it is expected to be a Syrian businessman based in London, according to sources which preferred to be anonymous.

Shehab Al Makahleh