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Actions vs Words: Why Russia’s Aerial Campaign in Syria is a Game-Changer

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Russia’s aerial campaign in Syria has sent Daesh terrorists packing, while the US-led coalition’s airstrikes had done little to check the group’s expansion, Egyptian media wrote on Monday.

Hezbollah fighters at the front-line of the Syrian Arab Army near Palmyra–Homs road

“From the very start of their operation against Daesh in Syria, the Americans and their allies kept saying they were doing something, only to see the terrorist group ramping up its forces both in Syria and Iraq,” Yusra Abdulla wrote in a think piece carried by Monday’s edition of the Cairo-based newspaper Al-Ahram.An interesting fact: each time the US and its coalition partners reported new strikes against the terrorists, instead of raining bombs on their positions, Daesh seized additional territories and oil wells, killing people and destroying ancient monuments, Yusra Abdulla wondered.

Things changed after Russia joined in the fight in Syria. Instead of saying empty words, they started pounding the terrorists in earnest, forcing them to abandon some of the  areas they had seized before, he added.

“Some people in some places see the word as just a battlefield, so they support Daesh terrorists,” Abdulla wrote, condemning as “shameful” attempts to help terrorists in order to fracture the Arab world and legitimize their meddling in the Arab nations’ internal affairs.”

“This is laying bare the big difference between the humanistic ideals allegedly promoted by these forces and their real actions,” Yusra Abdulla wrote in conclusion.